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Photos from the Hog Pen

Photos from the Hog Pen

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Kristin Olsen of Lake Stevens with a nice Skykomish River summer steelhead caught on opening day. Soren O’Connell (age 6) caught this pink salmon while fishing off Stuart Island. David Muscat from Melbourne, Australia caught this wild brown in the Eucumbene River with a Rapala. Tammy Servatius hooked this nice chinook with a sardine-wrapped Kwikfish in the Clearwater River. Colton Hurly caught these two chinook by drift fishing Corkies and eggs. DA Reed used Rocky Mountain Tackle to catch this giant kokanee in Flaming Gorge Reservoir. Skyler Fonder with his first steelhead. He was fishing with his Papa. Bud McSpadden caught this Okanagon River steelhead with a hand-tied fly. Jim Antrim caught this Rogue River springer with an anchovy while fishing with Ron Morrow. Hunter Higginbotham, Trey Delp and Ben Delp with a Klickitat River king hooked on a 5.0 Mag Lip plug. Tom Bishop hooked this 39-inch Clearwater steelhead on  a pink marabou jig. William and Jason Young caught this Humptulips king while fishing with guide Tom Sakamoto. Julia Ingalls and her father Dean with Julia’s first salmon. It was caught out of Bodega Bay. Conner Tomlinson caught this 32-pound king while fishing the lower Columbia with guide Dave Loper. Pat Sillivan caught this native buck while swinging flies on the Clearwater River. Dan Kawamoto caught this 22-pound Columbia River gem while fishing a wobbler with his father, Jim. Trisha Israel with two Columbia River spring chinook. Four-year-old Elle Corrado caught this pink salmon with her Kiddie Princess pole. Wayne Petzke caught this large king off the pier in St. Joseph, MI. He was using a Wiggle Wart plug. Taylor Shay used a herring to catch this chinook in North Bend while fishing with her dad and sister. Tanya Bennetts of West Seattle with a Nisqually River chinook. She was drift fishing and wearing her favorite hat. Matt Twenge caught this chinook in the lower Siuslaw River with herring. John Lambert with his first steelhead caught at Berrien Springs Dam, MI. JoAnn Williams with her first chinook. It was caught at the mouth of the Deschutes River. Jason Resser caught this Washington coho by twitching a bubble gum pink worm. This six-year-old beauty caught this beauty with a pink and white spinner that she helped her dad make. Matt Vandomelen caught this chinook near Buoy 10 in Oregon’s Columbia River. Lyle Froyd (Eagle Creek Rods) caught these three chromers with eggs in the Queets River. Wayne Woodie quickly released this Smith River wild steelhead. It was hooked with drift fishing gear. Brian Bailey hooked this winter steelhead while fishing the Umpqua River with guide Gary Leon. Brent Richards hooked this 38-inch upper Salmon River steelhead while fly-fishing with his son Zachary. A very large Sol Duc River wild steelhead buck that Bill Munson hooked with a float and jig combo. Tim Fisher hooked this 21-pound Nestucca River hatchery steelhead with a drifted bead. Matthew and Ryan with a big Wynoochee River winter-run hatchery steelhead. 38-inch steelhead caught by Nick Neil while fishing the Umpqua River with guide Mario Gomez. Ragen Moura caught this Clearwater River steelhead on a jig in February. Vera Lindsey battled this big spring chinook below McNary Dam on Oregon’s Columbia River. Nathan Nesbit hooked this Cowlitz River steelhead with a yarn fly while fishing with guide Todd Daniels. Krissi Healy from Petaluma, CA caught this chinook out of Bodega Bay with a trolled herring. Jules caught this 15-pound chinook with an 1/8-ounce jig and eight-pound test. Earl Pahlow caught this 13-pound hatchery steelhead with a bobber and jig in Oregon’s Nestucca River. Darren Williams caught and released this 22-pound buck in Oregon’s North Umpqua River. Chelsea Foussard with a nice winter blackmouth caught with skipper Jim Lawson in the San Juans. Bob Rasmussen with a 40.5-inch, 27.8-pound king taken with a Flounder Pounder spoon in Lake Michigan. Andrew Hamilton with a nice Nestucca winter steelhead caught while fishing with Pat Connelly. Kris Frohberg caught this big B-run steelhead in the Snake River with jig and shrimp rig. Anna Rae with her first big king. She caught it drift fishing at the mouth of the Toutle River. Chris Wong used a sardine-wrapped Kwikfish to hook this 30-pound springer in Oregon’s Rogue River. Carol Davis hooked these blackmouth while trolling the San Juan Islands with skipper Andy Holman. Nathan Duey with a 38-pound springer. His largest so far in Oregon’s Rogue River. Matt Haning caught this Willamette River springer while fishing in the Kings for the Kids Tournament. Pete Kirk used a plain anchovy to catch this 35-pound Rogue River spring chinook. Shane Vanderlinda caught this 14-pound winter steelhead in Washington’s Cowlitz River with eggs. Theresa Driehorst with her largest spring chinook to date. It was caught in the “Notellum” River in June. Grant Eilertson with his first spring chinook. He was fishing a herring in downtown Portland, Oregon. Nick Arena caught this 39 x 21.25 winter steelhead with a float and jig while fishing a Pacific coastal stream. Nine-year-old KJ Ruffo hooked this Oregon City spring chinook with a prawn-spinner rig. Elizabeth Meadows with her first Coquille River salmon. She is hooked! Sean Heins caught and released this chrome river chinook with 12-pound test. Craig Taylor caught this 20-pound-plus steelhead in Oregon’s Wilson River. Brian Bailey caught and released this large steelhead while fishing the North Umpqua River with guide Gary Leon. Kenny Priest hooked this 30-pound Rogue River springer with an anchovy rig near Quosatana Creek. “Foot” Locken shows off a day’s catch at Winter Harbor. He was fishing wth guide Steve Robinson. Kyler Klement caught this 20-pound Rogue River springer while fishing with  his father and guide Harold Hanson. Mike Nelson caught this 14-pound Salmon River steelhead on a Kwikfish with Strike Zone Charters. Jeff Hollamon caught this beautiful upper Rogue River steelhead with an Egg-Sucking Leech. Peter Greenfield picked up this Sandy River steelhead with a pink worm and jig head. Jared Berg caught this large Siletz steelhead  with a Corky and eggs. He was floating the river with his brother (Jacob) and dad (Jeff). Riley’s first Dolly. It was caught off Camano Island with a Dick Nite spoon. Chris Gong with a beautiful spring steelhead caught with a bead in Idaho’s Clearwater River. Mazen Fadel hooked this large coho salmon in SW Washington with a stonefly nymph. Five-year-old Olivia Pollack with here first coho. She was fishing with her dad, Travis, in Astoria. Sue’s first steelhead caught in Oregon’s Rogue River while fishing with guide Shaun Carpenter. Jenna’s first steelhead. It was caught on a cop car Hot Shot while fishing with guide Shaun Carpenter. Brenda Lee caught this giant chinook while fishing the Ghost Hole in Oregon’s Tillamook Bay. Joe McCannon caught this 20-pound hatchery steelhead in Washington’s Wynoochie River. Seven-year-old Carter Affolter with his first chinook salmon taken in the Kilches River. Chad Cox hooked this beautiful hatchery buck in Oregon’s Sandy River with a prawn. Aaron Pohle used a red bead to hook this 38-inch Idaho steelhead. Kurt Moore hooked this 19-pound hatchery steelhead while drift fishing the Nestucca River. Doreen caught this hatchery winter steelhead while plunking at Meldrum Bar on the Willamette. Todd Welch caught this Trask River king using a combination of eggs and tuna. Six-year-old Paisley Henson caught this coho out of Depoe Bay with a white Hoochie and Sling Blade dodger. Michael Siedl caught his limit of pink salmon with a marabou jig fished under a float. Kaylee Sutterfield with her first salmon. A nice king caught out of Depoe Bay. Kayla Mitchell used a flasher and herring on the Umpqua to catch her first king. Jeremy Scoles had this nice king hammer a blue-dyed herring fished behind a green and red flasher. Erik Holmquist hooked this Sacramento River king while fishing with roe. Camille House with the biggest salmon of her life! She caught it at Buoy 10 while fishing with her father, Ted. Barak Rabel with a king salmon he caught at Possession Point on a Kingfisher spoon. Isaac Lunnen caught this 15-pound chinook below Wanapum Dam. 9-year-old Lindsey Tonello with a 30-pound chinook that she caught while trolling a Mag-Deep Thunderstick. Sherry Rutter caught this 23-pounder while trolling herring near Reedsport, Oregon. 62-year-old Pam Peacock with her first salmon. Photo was taken at Moody Island on the Deschutes River. Austin Templeton with a 25-pound chinook caught near Richland with a K16 Kwikfish. David Thomas caught this 25-pound chinook while fishing Oregon’s Siuslaw River. 16-year-old Haley Rager with her first steelhead. It was caught on an Oregon Coast stream. Walt Mueller from Santa Rosa, CA caught this 33-pounder out of Bodega Bay, CA while mooching with a herring. Helen Danielsen caught this 17.5-pound chromer salmon on California’s Feather River. Kaylee Satterfield caught this king salmon while fishing out of Depoe Bay. She was using a pink hoochie and Sling Blade. Hailey Gardner caught this 10-pound hen at the confluence of the Snake and Clearwater rivers. Ellie Monroe caught this steelhead on Oregon’s Wilson River with a plug. Kyle Estes caught this 35-pound Columbia River king salmon fishing with a Brad’s Wobbler. Paisley Henson caught this coho out of Oregon’s Depoe Bay with a white hoochie and Sling Blade combo. Ellen Rhodes with her first chinook salmon. She was fishing with Stewart Monroe on the Trask River. Darrell Tomlinson and his grandson Conner caught this steelhead using a bead fished under a bobber. Kierstin Gray hooked this king salmon in California’s Sacramento River. Nick Warren caught this nice king salmon while fishing the Humptulips River with Phil Stephens. Valerie Klingler hooked this 27-pound, Westport king while fishing with a whole herring. Shawn Perrault caught this 37-inch steelhead while dead-drifting nymphs in California’s American River. Paul Murray hooked this Skookumchuck River steelhead with bobber-doggin’ a bead. Nate and Pete Sansone caught this Willamette River springer with their dad Gabe. Nanci Helfrich used a sardine-wrapped Kwikfish to catch this Umpqua River king. J.R. displays a nice Willamette River spring chinook caught at Meldrum Bar. Garey Docksteader caught this Cowlitz River silver salmon while plunking on the Cowlitz River. Candace Montoya used cured eggs to catch this Wynoochee River hatchery steelhead. Joanne O’Callaghan with guide Kim Hagen and a 15-pound Smith River steelhead. Jim, Jimmy Mack and Don Baum with a nice catch of steelhead on Oregon’s Sixes River. Dan Paquet about to release a Wilson River winter steelhead. It was hooked while drift fishing with a Corky and yarn. Phil Cobham from the UK caught this Chetco River steelhead with an egg fly. Sixteen-pound Coquille River steelhead caught by Greg Shanlee while fishing with life-long buddy Randy Egelhoff. Tony Fan caught this large Cowlitz River steelhead while back-trolling a 3.5 Mag Lip Plug. Morgan Bruder, age 12, with her first steelhead. It was hooked in the Smith River during the middle of January. Richard Veasna of Seattle caught this wild steelhead while fishing Washington’s upper Quinault River. This lower Rogue springer was caught on a Rogue bait rig while fishing with guide Andy Martin. Gabe Fitzsimmons finally sealed the deal when he caught this 50-pound-plus king salmon while fishing at River’s Inlet. Camille Joyner with a nice-sized rainbow caught while trolling a Tasmanian Devil lure in Nantahala Lake. Adam Smolinski caught and released this 18-pound wild steelhead on the Hoh River. He was using an egg pattern. Trent Salisbury’s first Willamette River keeper steelhead. Caught with a MagLip while fishing with dad. Pete Donley was using a yarn fly under a float to catch this Clackamas River hatchery steelhead. Fred Mix ( with a huge North Carolina kokanee caught on a homemade spinner. Steve Williams hooked this beautiful Skykomish River steelhead with an Egg Sucking Leech fly. Garrett Grant and Bethany caught this Wenatchee River steelhead with a jig and Cleardrift float. Kayla Meir with her first winter steelhead. She was using bobber and eggs. Barry caught this 14-pound Sandy River hatchery steelhead while drifting a shrimp. Jamie Joy Gannon with her first Buoy 10 salmon. She fought it like a pro. Emily Atkinson with a couple of Willamette River spring chinook caught while vertical jigging. Corey Hoskins with his first coho salmon caught with a plug-cut herring and flasher. Dr. Charles Haubrich helped catch this nice limit of coho while fishing Alaska’s Karluk River with Larsen Bay Lodge. Pete Barta from Girard, OH caught this salmon while fish with guide Cody Herman at Buoy 10. Brenda Lee with a native steelhead caught in Oregon’s lower Deschutes River. Ten-year-old Lily Chorvat with a couple of Baker Lake sockeye. Josh, Sarah (center), and Maddie with their first pink salmon. They were caught on the Skykomish River. Paul Wiseman hooked and released this native steelhead while fishing Oregon’s Clackamas River. Danielle McCarthy caught this 31-pound Coos Bay chinook with her two and three year olds on board. She’s hooked! Don Backous, who lost his battle with cancer last year, with a Columbia River salmon. He will be missed.  Kerry Bateman caught this 70.55-pound king on a herring in Kodiak, Alaska. Aidan Vlasaty hooked this king salmon while fishing Oregon’s Winchester Bay from the shore. Gary Docksteader hooked this Cowlitz River winter steelhead while plunking a Spin-N-Glo. Kaden caught this Sandy River steelhead while fishing with a brass Steelie.  Matthew Carr with a salmon he caught out of Gig Harbor with a flasher and hoochie setup. Alton Conrad hooked this Lake Michigan brown trout with a Rapala Husky Jerk from shore. Dad (Matt Nesbit) went fishing and all Livvy Jem Nesbit got was this Salmon Trout Steelheaader beanie. Justin Ingram with a 35-pound Tillamook Bay chinook. He was trolling a plug-cut herring in the Ghost Hole. Amanda Moffitt and her mom Michelle caught these nice salmon in Alaska’s Kasilof River. Best time ever! Samuel Friend caught this coho salmon while fishing with a home-made spinner. Lou Lynch caught this 16-pound monster while fishing with guide Kurt Schultz on a Lake Ontario tributary. Last fall John Brace hooked this Methow River hatchery steelhead with a pink jig. Jon Leeman hooked this native Deschutes River summer steelhead with his Spey rod. 12-year-old Brian Stein shows off his 40-pound, Klickitat River hog. He was using a bobber and eggs. Andrew McFerron hooked this nice salmon with a bobber and eggs. On his birthday no less! Dr. Joe Hong D.C. caught this nice coho in Washington state, and many more with spoons and drift gear. Kayla Carr hooked this big steelhead while side-drifting eggs on Idaho’s Clearwater River. Chad (dad), Ethan and Spencer Gillespie caught this 18-pound Puget Sound king with a dark green hootchie. Kari Doggett with her first king salmon. She was using bobber and eggs in the Siuslaw River. Ten-year-old Alexsis Millirons with her first Nisqually River coho. Brad Sounders caught this steelhead with a plug while night fishing on the Clearwater River. Steve Bryant with a 38-inch steelhead he hooked while fishing B.C.’s Morice River. Isabel Flohr with her first king salmon. It weighed 32 pounds and was caught near Wenatchee last July. “Class Act” Lori Peake caught this chinook with a wobbler in Oregon’s Columbia River. Brent Tussing hooked and landed this nice king in Oregon’s Lewis and Clark River. Mark Wiederhold hooked this 33-pound chinook on the Umpqua while trolling herring. Michael Britschgi hooked and landed this 32-pound king while on anchor in the lower Columbia River. Dan Drazan and his boys Izaak and Christian limited out while fishing the Columbia with guide Bill Kremers. Elizabeth Gleed with her first Columbia salmon caught while fishing with guide Kyle Battisti. John Shoffner caught this 14-pound ling cod while fishing out of Brookings, Oregon. Denise Lyons shows off her very first summer steelhead. Caught in Oregon’s North Santiam River. Jared Volkman caught this 40-pound fall Columbia River chinook on a wobbler below the Longview Bridge. Chris Britschgi hooked this 30-pound chinook salmon while fishing in the Columbia River near Woodland, WA. Hoochie Mama Debbie Skow caught this nice king while fishing off Pt. Dolphin. Russel Grim hooked this 10-pound hatchery steelhead while fishing a Columbia River tributary with a Stee-Lee spoon. Elisha Pellissier caught this 20-pound Columbia River spring chinook with dyed herring. Steve Schwarzer with an 18-pound Columbia River springer caught on the tide change. Daniel Warner caught this hog 18-pound hatchery steelhead with a bobber and jig set-up. Rory Simpson hooked this 22-pound Columbia River spring chinook with a KwikFish plug. Tom Zbytek Jr. with a king salmon that he caught while fishing with his father, Tom Sr. Candace Montoya caught this 12-pound Cowlitz River hatchery steelhead using bubble-gum colored yarn balls. Mike Tylzynski with a 29-pound spring chinook he caught in Idaho’s Clearwater River with a bobber and jig. Nice Columbia upriver bright caught by Harriet Vines while fishing with guide Bill Meyer. Jon Zumwalt caught this 20-pound steelhead while fishing in Washington’s Olympic Peninsula. Brenda Lee took this 12-pound bull trout while fishing Lake Billy Chinook with Jon Wiley. Jason Resser used a plug to entice this Washougal River hatchery steelhead. Scott Deere, Jr. caught this steelhead in Ohio’s Chagrin River with a self-tied white jig, tipped with maggots. Kim Meeder’s first chinook! It was caught at the mouth of the Rogue River with an anchovy rig. Brent Miller caught this 38-inch steelhead with a bobber, jig and shrimp combo on the Sol Duc River. Norm Urbat caught this big hatchery steelhead in Oregon’s Clackamas River with guide Forrest Foxworthy. Four-year-old Trevor Judd caught this coho on the Rogue River with a jig his dad tied. Chris Kozecke hooked this steelhead with an egg sac while fishing a Lake Ontario tributary.

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