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News, Notes & Fishy Quotes by Josiah Darr

Figuring out where our fish are being harvested in the ocean could easily influence commercial allocations which hopefully will put more chinook in sport fishermen’s hands. 

 WDFW Works with Upper Columbia River Communities to Highlight Recreation Opportunities in the Okanogan  Recreational opportunities abound through the fall and winter in the Okanogan region, and leaders from Brewster, Bridgeport and...

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 Fish are the most vulnerable when rivers are at their lowest and clearest.

  WDFW Updates Hydraulic Codes to Protect Fish

The Washington Fish and Wildlife Commission has adopted a comprehensive update to the state’s Hydraulic Code rules, which regulate construction projects and other...

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Trees and bushes lining riverbanks are a lot healthier than gravel roads.

  600 Trees Planted to Help Repair Habitat

In October, the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife, U.S. Forest Service, and the Mid Coast Watersheds Council will place nearly 600 large plantation trees via helicopter in 9...

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Apparently there’s an unwritten rule on the Siuslaw that when a compromise can’t be reached, it’s time to start shooting Minn Kotas.

Illegal Gill Net Captain Caught in Astoria
Oregon State Police Fish & Wildlife troopers cited an Astoria man on several commercial-fish-related charges after seizing 748 pounds of illegally caught chinook salmon on the Columbia River...

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Nightmare Worm!

Issue: February 2011

Mad River Mfg. has a new color steelhead worm. The color was designed after the super popular nightmare jig pattern. The nightmare worm has already been guide tested and proven to catch big fish! Available in 3 and 4 inch sizes. Order online today or ask for them at your local tackle shop. ?Visit: or call 707-840-9485.

Luhr Jensen Releases More “Trouble” For Salmon Luhr Jensen Releases More “Trouble” For Salmon

Issue: February 2015

It’s no secret that the Double Trouble Kwikfish is the single most productive salmon finish ever created by Luhr Jensen. Building on this success, new colors for 2015 don’t seek to replace the Double Trouble, instead, they seek to enhance it. New Metallic Pink, Metallic Green and Metallic Blue Double Trouble finishes begin with a proven base and add highlights to increase color value, contrast and overall versatility. See all new Kwikfish at

Blood Run Tackle Blood Run Tackle

Issue: February 2015

Blood Run Tackle SST Floating Mono mainline was designed for salmon and steelhead float-fishermen. Floatants mixed with nylon resins plus an external barrier create a true floating and mendable mainline for spinning reels, baitcasters and centerpins. Softening oils and line conditioners create a soft and supple mainline in below freezing conditions. Offered in 8lb,10lb,12lb test 200 yards spools. Multiple color options in both low-vis (clear, natural) and hi-vis (lime, orange, chartreuse, blue). For more information visit

BnR Tackle BnR Tackle

Issue: February 2015

BnR Tackle is excited to announce the release of the newly designed 3.5” Holey Worm and 6 new colors. Design features a wider profile tail and molded eyes. New colors include Blue Tail, Green Tail, Cerise, Sky Rise, Steely Orange and First Cast. Available at Fisherman’s Marine and ORRT. See www.bnrtackle for more info and retailers.

Now In Red! Gamakatsu Big River Bait Hook Now In Red! Gamakatsu Big River Bait Hook

Issue: February 2015

Get salmon and steelhead seeing red with Gamakatsu’s Big River Bait hook. The unique design of this hook pins fish like no other and has won the favor of anglers everywhere! Look for them in red on store shelves soon and available in an expanded size selection from size 6 to 6/0.  For more info visit

Smile Blade Shrimp Rig Smile Blade Shrimp Rig

Issue: February 2015

Extremely popular while fishing for salmon or steelhead, this lure provides a set-up that is more likely to keep fish hooked. Its patented 1.5" high UV Smile Blade® and Cha Cha™ pill floats provide extra flash and wiggle in the water at speeds as low as 1/4MPH. The single 2/0 red hook can be tipped with a piece of shrimp, with a red #6 treble hook trailer which keeps fish on after they are hooked, allowing for a better opportunity to put more fish in the boat. This set-up was designed by a number of prominent guides for the early summer steelhead fisheries on the Columbia. Built with 6', 20-pound leaders it works well for the sockeye and chinooks also.


Issue: February 2015

P-Line XTCB is a new braided line which features DuPont’s Teflon Surface Protector. The benefit to the angler is a line which has more abrasion resistance, flows through the guides with less friction and allows for longer casting. Fishermen can also expect better knot strength than ordinary braids. XTCB has been created with an extremely tight weave and increased body which makes it perfect for both spinning and bait- casting reels. XTCB has an amazing strength to diameter ratio with virtually zero stretch. XTCB will be available in a standard version which is predominately 4 carrier (in the smaller sizes) and a deluxe version known as XTCB-8.

No-Mess Scent Sticks No-Mess Scent Sticks

Issue: January 2015

AN SPORTING Fishing Scent Sticks are a powerhouse when it comes to catchin’ fish. They’re a NO MESS, NO WASTE and ALL NATURAL potent formula that really puts a hurtin’ on the fish. If you’re fishing with plugs, lures or plastic baits, use AN SPORTING Fishing Scent Sticks and catch more fish.

Pro-Cure Introduces Its New Liquid Egg Cure  Pro-Cure Introduces Its New Liquid Egg Cure 

Issue: January 2015

Curing eggs couldn’t be easier! Shake up the Liquid Egg Cure to get all the ingredients thoroughly mixed, then pour the Liquid Egg Cure on top of your pre-cut egg skeins or clusters. Gently roll the eggs around until all the eggs are covered.   

Soak skeins or clusters from four to 12 hours, then drain and place on sheet to air dry to the firmness you want. Eggs are ready to fish or freeze, available in Red Hot, Orange Glow and Hot pink, enhanced with real Krill powder and UV Flash. For more information go to or call 1-800-776-2873

New Okuma Caymus New Okuma Caymus 

Issue: January 2015

All-new Caymus spinning reels deliver stunning engineering at an MSRP beginning at $49.99.  With its ultra-lightweight, aggressively ported spool and rotor and black and red styling, Caymus makes a statement on the water.  Backing up the fierce look is a core of excellence:  8-bearing system, including Quick-Set anti-reverse, machined aluminum spool, Blade Body Design, forged aluminum handle, EVA handle knobs and up to 18 pounds of max drag.  Available in sizes C-30, C-40 and C-55, Caymus takes on all steelhead and salmon spinning-reel techniques. See them at

Steelhead Bitten By New Mamba Kwikfish Steelhead Bitten By New Mamba Kwikfish

Issue: January 2015

Savvy anglers know that black head finishes contain an extra dose of attraction for steelhead. It could be enhanced contrast or maybe the black head creates a smaller profile. Whatever the reason, black heads catch fish. For 2015 Luhr-Jensen has introduced three new factory K9X and K11X finishes with factory black head. New “Mamba” finishes include, Silver Red Mamba, Silver Pink Mamba and Red Black Mamba. See them at

New Color Steelhead Worm! New Color Steelhead Worm!

Issue: January 2015

Mad River Mfg introduces Capt. America! A new color designed by the pros. With the popular color combo Cerise and Blue, comes a new color worm that has already been proven deadly for steelhead. Available in 3” and 4” sizes. Ask for them at your local tackle shop or visit Mad River Mfg. online at; (707) 840-9485.

Bait Buttons Bait Buttons

Issue: December 2014

Bait Buttons is a simple, quick and easy way to keep your roe, coon shrimp, plastic worms, fish pills and other natural baits in place on your hook while fishing for steelhead and salmon. Choose from two sizes. The Original for hooks up to 4/0, and Big Game up to 10/0. Find them online at or at Fisherman’s Marine, Sportsman’s Warehouse, Bass Pro Shops and ask for them at your local bait and tackle store.

“Bobber Doggin’ Baits & Beads” “Bobber Doggin’ Baits & Beads”

Issue: December 2014

Bobber dogging is fast becoming the “preferred technique” by a growing number of steelheaders, and some salmon anglers as well. Josiah Darr and Mike Kelly have designed their innovative system to fool wary steelhead. In this video they discuss why you should try bobber dogging, how to go about it, details on the rigging, sections on fishing both baits and beads, and all specifics on the gear you need for this advanced steelhead angling system. At fine tackle stores or call Angler Fish Productions 1-800-359-3474.

Bait Injector Caps Bait Injector Caps

Issue: December 2014

Now available in two sizes to fit standard bait injectors & magnum bait injectors. For years anglers have asked for replacement bait-injector caps with needles. Needles get damaged and lost, or anglers just wants to screw a needle/cap assembly onto their favorite 2- or 8-ounce scent bottle, and inject. Both sizes are available in 3-packs at your favorite tackle store. Go to for more information

Scotty Downrigger Rod Holder Adapter Scotty Downrigger Rod Holder Adapter

Issue: December 2014

Turn your downrigger mount into a rod-holder mount with our new 423 Downrigger Rod Holder Adapter. In combination with a 241 or 241L Mount, easily place the adapter on top of your 1023 Tilt Up Mounting Bracket, select your favorite rod holder and you’re set to go. Built to last with rugged engineering-grade nylon.

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