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News, Notes & Fishy Quotes by Josiah Darr

Apparently there’s an unwritten rule on the Siuslaw that when a compromise can’t be reached, it’s time to start shooting Minn Kotas.

Illegal Gill Net Captain Caught in Astoria
Oregon State Police Fish & Wildlife troopers cited an Astoria man on several commercial-fish-related charges after seizing 748 pounds of illegally caught chinook salmon on the Columbia River...

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Small pull-cord-style life jackets are a lot better than nothing, because no matter how beautiful they are, no fish is worth someone’s life.

   Life-Jacket Code Scheme to Change to Eliminate Confusion
In a move that’s expected to benefit recreational boaters, on Oct. 22 the US Coast Guard will drop the current life jacket type code scheme—Type I, II, III...

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This giant hatchery winter steelhead was caught in mid April and is a perfect example of why broodstock programs work and we should be looking to change environmental barriers to wild fish as opposed to looking to abolish hatcheries. 

Hatchery Reduced Fitness Causes Undetermined
Hatcheries are commonly used throughout the Pacific Northwest to help provide salmon for harvest, mitigate for lost and degraded habitat, and to conserve endangered and threatened wild...

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This stupid bird is a major culprit in our declining anadramous fish runs and the reason we’re protecting them in a location they’re not even native to is twice as stupid as they look.

 East Sand Island Cormorants in Trouble
East Sand Island’s double-crested cormorant colony has grown to a record size of approximately 14,900 nesting pairs in 2013 (over 40 percent of the western population). This single...

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New! Hawg Nose Flatfish From Yakima Bait

Issue: October 2011

Without a doubt, the most exciting lure innovation for river salmon in some time! Early tests prove the new Hawg Nose Flatfish is deeper diving with an exclusive “skip beat” action that drives salmon to bite. This lure fishes best in water running 1–5 mph. Buzz Ramsey was essential in the development of this lure which features all the right salmon-catching colors. Guides from Alaska to Northern California confirm this lure’s a winner!

Bait Buttons Bait Buttons

Issue: December 2014

Bait Buttons is a simple, quick and easy way to keep your roe, coon shrimp, plastic worms, fish pills and other natural baits in place on your hook while fishing for steelhead and salmon. Choose from two sizes. The Original for hooks up to 4/0, and Big Game up to 10/0. Find them online at or at Fisherman’s Marine, Sportsman’s Warehouse, Bass Pro Shops and ask for them at your local bait and tackle store.

“Bobber Doggin’ Baits & Beads” “Bobber Doggin’ Baits & Beads”

Issue: December 2014

Bobber dogging is fast becoming the “preferred technique” by a growing number of steelheaders, and some salmon anglers as well. Josiah Darr and Mike Kelly have designed their innovative system to fool wary steelhead. In this video they discuss why you should try bobber dogging, how to go about it, details on the rigging, sections on fishing both baits and beads, and all specifics on the gear you need for this advanced steelhead angling system. At fine tackle stores or call Angler Fish Productions 1-800-359-3474.

Bait Injector Caps Bait Injector Caps

Issue: December 2014

Now available in two sizes to fit standard bait injectors & magnum bait injectors. For years anglers have asked for replacement bait-injector caps with needles. Needles get damaged and lost, or anglers just wants to screw a needle/cap assembly onto their favorite 2- or 8-ounce scent bottle, and inject. Both sizes are available in 3-packs at your favorite tackle store. Go to for more information

Scotty Downrigger Rod Holder Adapter Scotty Downrigger Rod Holder Adapter

Issue: December 2014

Turn your downrigger mount into a rod-holder mount with our new 423 Downrigger Rod Holder Adapter. In combination with a 241 or 241L Mount, easily place the adapter on top of your 1023 Tilt Up Mounting Bracket, select your favorite rod holder and you’re set to go. Built to last with rugged engineering-grade nylon.

Dutch Fork Custom Lures Presents its NEW “No Loss” Double Quick-Change Clevis Dutch Fork Custom Lures Presents its NEW “No Loss” Double Quick-Change Clevis

Issue: December 2014

In addition to our single “no loss” quick-change clevis, anglers can now run 2 spinner blades side by side on a harness or spinner for trout, kokanee, salmon, or walleye, without the worry of losing their spinner blade. These clevises will work on any spinner blade metal or plastic, have been proven all across the USA and will spin slowly at .4 or fast over 4 mph! Clevises come in a 25 pack and retail for around $5.99. Keith Eshbaugh; Dutch Fork Custom Lures; 724-884-3977

Clark Fork Fillet Knife by Columbia River Knife & Tool Clark Fork Fillet Knife by Columbia River Knife & Tool

Issue: December 2014

The Clark Fork fillet knife houses a tail mechanism that protects the blade when closed and then folds into the handle for a secure lockup of the blade when it’s open. There’s no more risk of blades closing midway through filleting, be it on the kitchen table or the tackle box. A double-injection-molded handle also provides a secure grip and the knife is light enough to throw in a backpack for easy use. When fully open the blade is a long 10.940”. Manufacturer’s suggested retail price is $19.99. (800) 891-3100, email:, on the web:

Smile Blade Spin Drift Trout Smile Blade Spin Drift Trout

Issue: December 2014

The Mack’s patented Smile Blade, Wedding Ring Crystal, and the VMC Spin Drift hook create a deadly combination. The smaller profile creates immense wiggle and flash that trout can’t resist. The ultra-sharp hook and built-in swivel enticingly spins bait to induce more bites. Add this to the high UV Smile Blade and high UV beads and you have a combination that will put more fish in the boat every time!

Buck Knives  Buck Knives 

Issue: October 2014

Buck Knives introduces the Clearwater Series of fillet knives with the 3 edge system to make the most out of filleting your catch. First is the tip edge to poke through scales and get things started, second the short back side is sharpened to do the dirty work around the gills and boney areas, saving the front side of the knife for super-clean cuts. With its perfect flexibility the knife glides with ease down the rib cage leaving nothing behind. This is a very-well-thought-out knife. Made in the USA and comes with the “Buck’s Forever Warranty”.

Orca Coolers Orca Coolers

Issue: October 2014

Simply the best cooler you can buy at any price, anywhere—and they are 100% Made in the USA! ORCA coolers are roto-molded in America’s heartland, lockable and come with a lifetime guarantee. They feature premium insulation that keeps your food and drinks cold and makes ice last days longer. The padded carrying handles make it easy to transport the cooler from your house to your vehicle. Every ORCA cooler sold benefits conservation throughout the United States. Available in sizes to meet every need. Sale of the pink ORCA cooler benefits the Susan G. Komen Foundation’s breast cancer research.

Storm Collection: 
Clean Lens, Clear Sight by UnderArmour  Storm Collection: 
Clean Lens, Clear Sight by UnderArmour 

Issue: October 2014

In collaboration with optic industry leader ZEISS, the UA Storm lens represents the peak of innovation by combining remarkable anti-corrosive and hydrophobic technology with the finest optics in the world. Lenses are by Zeiss, with a hydrophobic, anti-static and scratch-resistant hard coating that’s easy to clean. Anti-corrosive and impervious to oils, saltwater, insect repellent, sunscreen and other outdoor substances. ANSI Z87.1 for superior impact resistance and eyewear protection. Elite performance polarized UA Eyewear: 1-888-727-6687;

Big River Open-Eye Barbless Big River Open-Eye Barbless

Issue: October 2014

Gamakatsu's new Big River Barbless Big River Open Eye hook is the ideal replacement hook for plugs, spinners and spoons where barbless hooks are required. The unique shape of this hook holds fish tight and substantially better than conventional siwash or treble hooks. Available in sizes 1/0 - 7/0.

ALPS MVT Toray Trigger Reel Seat ALPS MVT Toray Trigger Reel Seat

Issue: October 2014

 The MVT (Micro Vibration Transmission) design is based off the wildly successful TexTouch casting graphite reel seat. 6061 T-6 double-locking nuts and a double-keyed body strengthen the hold on the reel and eliminate hood spin. The MVT raises the bar with three cutouts for maximum blank exposure. ALPS incorporated incredibly light yet strong Toray chopped carbon fiber. Then topped it all off with a dark carbon woven insert to give it a little extra swag. Choose from 14 different sizes and 3 body/hood colors. Sizes 10.0-13.5 only available with dark carbon woven inserts. Batson Enterprises, Inc.; 877-875-2381;

RoboHandle RoboHandle

Issue: September 2014

RoboHandle is the perfect tool for the person who fishes alone. It allows the angler to safely and comfortably net a fish without losing grip on the handle—or their rod. Attach the handle to a net, slip your arm through the ring and hold onto the pistol grip. With both the ring and grip, the angler uses their strong bicep muscle rather than the weaker forearm muscles and wrist to hoist fish into the boat. For more information, ask your favorite tackle dealer or see

Lamiglas Rods Lamiglas Rods

Issue: September 2014

Lamiglas Fishing Rods is proud to announce two new additions to their rock-solid SI Series of rods. The SI 710 MHC is the ultimate Salmon Hover Rod at 7’ 10” and rated for 10-20# line. It has a Moderate Fast Action while maintaining the ability to pick up the softest of bites on days with less favorable conditions. By popular demand Lamiglas also introduces the SI 106 MHC; it is 10’ 6” and rated for 10-20# line. This model was designed with many applications in mind, from an all-purpose Salmon and Steelhead float rod to spoon-fishing and drift fishing larger tributaries for those who prefer a little extra length and power. Both models are built with the tried and true Fuji K-Frame Titanium Guides, as well as Lamiglas’s proprietary handle and reel seat construction.  Look for these rods in your local Lamiglas retailer this Fall.

MagicEzy 9-Second Chip Fix MagicEzy 9-Second Chip Fix

Issue: September 2014

MagicEzy 9-Second Chip Fix uses an exclusive nanotechnology-based formula to quickly fill, bond, level and color chips, gouges, wide cracks and deep scratches in fiberglass boats. There is no need to prep the area with sandpaper, mix messy catalysts or add color tinting. This product is available in 11 popular colors, carries a 3-Year Repair Warranty and retails for $24.99 USD. Visit

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