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News, Notes & Fishy Quotes by Josiah Darr

Regardless of hook and bait restrictions, incredible days are to be had. Justin, Phil and Darren had no problem filling a fish box with single, barbless hooks last summer on the Kitimat. 

 Anglers Get New Rules for Susitna River and Little Susitna River Drainages

Anglers are advised that in an effort to meet king salmon escapement goals in the Susitna River and Little Susitna River drainages, the following...

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Mike and Perry enjoying some of Lane County’s finest while Sadie seems to be uninterested.

 Northwest Scores Huge Win to Remove Gillnets from Columbia River

In a landmark ruling in March, the Oregon Court of Appeals cleared the way for the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife (ODFW) to continue implementing a...

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The broodstock programs that have been implemented so far have produced excellent results like this dandy fish for Dan, Justin and Ed. 

 Steelhead Collection for Mad River Fish Hatchery
The California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) trained 21 anglers at Mad River Fish Hatchery to aid in the collection of wild-origin steelhead from the Mad River. These anglers...

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The Owens River isn’t big to begin with and can use as much water as it’s allowed. What it lacks in size it certainly makes up for in beauty.

 Permanent Flows Ordered to Restore Owens River Gorge

After decades of court proceedings, the Owens River Gorge has begun to receive additional water to help restore historic fish populations and increase fishing...

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New! Hawg Nose Flatfish From Yakima Bait

Issue: October 2011

Without a doubt, the most exciting lure innovation for river salmon in some time! Early tests prove the new Hawg Nose Flatfish is deeper diving with an exclusive “skip beat” action that drives salmon to bite. This lure fishes best in water running 1–5 mph. Buzz Ramsey was essential in the development of this lure which features all the right salmon-catching colors. Guides from Alaska to Northern California confirm this lure’s a winner!

Angler Innovations Angler Innovations

Issue: May 2015

The newest color for the popular Sure Spin Baitfish Helmet is the Clear UV Purple Haze, available in 8 sizes, from XXS anchovy size to 3XL for black label herring. Also new for 2015 is the Sure Spin Rigging Kit which comes with 15 rubber bobber stops that fit 20- to 60-pound mono, including a supply of toothpicks. Ask for both at your favorite tackle store.;

Side Drifter Side Drifter

Issue: May 2015

Ever lost a fish when the cast-in swivel pulled out of your inline lead weight?  SideDrifter Gear has solved this dilemma with their Inline Jig and Bead Fishing Weights.These are cast with a full 1/16-inch wire from end to end and conservatively rated at 40 pounds test. They are made in the USA with oversize #5 ROSCO swivels. The large diameter of the wire and swivels increases knot strength. Available in 1/4 to 1 ounce sizes online and at independent tackle shops.

New Gage Storm Surge Bibs New Gage Storm Surge Bibs

Issue: May 2015

New Gage Storm Surge Bib Pants from Grundens USA provides serious fishermen with advanced protection, ease of movement and superior breathability.

These bibs are tailored from heavy-duty 10,000mm waterproof nylon and feature expandable elastic side gussets, fully taped seams, an interior lining with unique North Pacific Weather Fax print, and heavy-duty Velcro-cinch ankle adjustments. Available in XS to 5XL. MSRP starting at $119, with matching jacket sold separately. Visit for more information.

Brad’s Killer Fish Brad’s Killer Fish

Issue: May 2015

Brad’s has introduced seven new colors in their Killer Fish line-up for 2015. These colors were designed by some of the Northwest’s top guides and anglers. #088 Midnight Blue, #501 Gator, #102 Green’s Copper, #510 Twisted Sister, #076 Met. Watermelon, #103 Salmon Tag and #513 Spotted Pickle. Brad’s is known for their attention to color and detail, and these lures are no exception. See them at your favorite tackle store or at

Work Sharp Knife & Tool Sharpener - Ken Onion Edition Work Sharp Knife & Tool Sharpener - Ken Onion Edition

Issue: May 2015

The WSKTS-KO Blade Grinding Attachment is a horizontal belt attachment designed for knife shaping, sharpening and honing tasks. This 4-pulley attachment is fully adjustable from 10° to 35° (in 1° increments) and includes 1” x 18” engineered abrasive belts in a wide range of grits. Allows you to customize your blade edge to best meet your needs or preference. Work Sharp Engineered, Ken Onion Designed. Attachment only, requires the WSKTS-KO Sharpener for use. Does not fit Work Sharp model WSKTS.

Hot Spot Lures Hot Spot Lures

Issue: April 2015

Hot Spot Lures introduces some new colors for 2015! The Red Racer is a new version of the original old favorite, now with Moon Jelly UV tape. The Outfitter is a UV blade with Moon Jelly tape and is effective at all depths. Green Onion is a new Chartreuse UV pigment that reflects with maximal Edge Glow, equally effective inshore and offshore. Available at fine tackle stores or at

Light Up Your Lures Light Up Your Lures

Issue: April 2015

With 3 LEDs in red, white and green, you can plug and play with all your lures and baits and find the perfect combo—no matter what you’re fishing for and in all conditions. With 150 hours of battery time you could fish for 6 straight days and nights and still have light. For more information: 509-466-2502 or

PowerPro Maxcuatro Line PowerPro Maxcuatro Line

Issue: April 2015

Introducing the newest generation of PowerPro using the latest technology in Spectra fiber. The new PowerPro Maxcuatro is 25%* thinner than existing PowerPro lines with equivalent strength. With a 4-carrier braid made with the newest Honeywell Spectra HT fiber, Maxcuatro optimizes your casting distance while increasing your reel’s capacity.

Downsize your tackle and maximize your total fishing performance with Maxcuatro by PowerPro. Available in 50, 65, 80 and 100 pound, in PowerPro Green and Hi-Vis Yellow.

Fishing Mount Hood Country Fishing Mount Hood Country

Issue: April 2015

Gary Lewis Outdoors, 2015; $24.95; 128 pages; ISBN: 978-0-9761244-6-7
In Fishing Mount Hood Country, award-winning authors Gary Lewis and Robert H. Campbell tell tales of water, trails, trout, steelhead and salmon and provide a detailed, thoughtful look at the best fly- and gear-fishing. 

The book is divided into two sections—Western and Eastern—by the Pacific Crest Trail. The story is told in 40+ chapters, illustrated with over 200 full-color photos and maps. Hike the trails that lead to rainbows and cutthroat in remote high-country lakes and drift the rivers for steelhead and salmon. 

Available in bookstores and on the web at www.garylewisoutdoors and at

Rockaway Roc Fish Hook Remover Rockaway Roc Fish Hook Remover

Issue: April 2015

Rockaway Fishing Tackle’s Roc fish hook removers are made of surgical stainless steel and rustproof. Titanium nitrite coating adds unique coloring and toughness. The precision curved jaw allows you to see around the instrument tip and clamp on to the hook at the best angle to prevent damage to the fish’s mouth. Mulit-use: knot tying, rigging, portable fly-tying vise. Sizes: 6, 8, and 10 inch. Belt-loop holsters included with 8- and 10-inch models. Tested in salt water by professional guides and anglers. Roc is the choice of professionals. Money-back guarantee if not completely satisfied. Watch the Roc in use at

Blood Run Tackle Fluorocarbon Leader Blood Run Tackle Fluorocarbon Leader

Issue: April 2015

Blood Run Tackle fluorocarbon leaders were the first specie-specific-designed leader for Salmon and Steelhead anglers beginning in 2008. Using the highest quality resins and unique construction to match their intended uses, we match quality with performance under every condition. 6-17-pound test are designed for float-fishing and river casting, with specific suppleness and abrasion-resistant characteristics. Heavyweight 20-50-pound leaders are designed with stiffness and durability for trolling and heavy-tackle situations.

New Okuma 350 Low-Profile Line Counter New Okuma 350 Low-Profile Line Counter

Issue: March 2015

A versatile salmon angler may troll, back-troll, back-bounce and cast floats. To date, these techniques favored different reels for each technique. With the all-new Cold Water 350 Low-Profile Line Counter, Okuma Fishing Tackle captures perfection in one salmon reel that can do it all, and it’s available in both right- and left-hand retrieve.

At the core of the Cold Water 350 is the low-profile design. Modern and sleek, the shape of the reel fits the hand perfectly, a critical feature when back-bouncing or casting floats. Centered within the die-cast aluminum frame, the machined aluminum spool holds more than 150 yards of 65-pound braided line. The thumb bar spool release is immediately available for ease of casting or feathering a drift. The Cold Water 350 advances the fishing industry with the addition of a mechanical line-counter to the proven low-profile baitcast reel.

Bite Buddy App Bite Buddy App

Issue: March 2015

Bite Buddy is the one buddy you’ll always take fishing. This high-tech rod sensor attaches to your pole, and sends notifications to your smart phone when it senses a nibble or a strike. The device uses Bluetooth to sync to your phone, and a gyro to sense the motion of the rod. The Bite Buddy app is completely adjustable for a wide range of fishing, in the boat or on land. The App also acts as a catch log. Simply snap a picture of every catch, fill in the stats, and share with your pals online. Bite Buddy allows you peace of mind that your rod will always be watched. For more information go to

Flying Fisherman Polarized AcuTint Flying Fisherman Polarized AcuTint

Issue: March 2015

This lens coloring system eliminates glare and enhances color contrast, without distorting natural colors. The enhanced visual sharpness and eye comfort adds to fishing productivity and maximizes the overall outdoors experience for anglers and water-sports enthusiasts. More information on Flying Fisherman products, along with testimonials, dealer locater and more at

The Bradley Blue Smoker Designer Series The Bradley Blue Smoker Designer Series

Issue: March 2015

Bradley is the ultimate solution in food-smoking technology. It’s easier to control and more versatile than any other smoker. With the automatic smoke generator, electronic control and fully insulated cabinet, Bradley Smokers eliminate drastic temperature fluctuations and interruptions in smoke production that adversely affect the taste of smoked foods. While other smokers must be tended constantly, Bradley Smokers automatically produce clean smoke for up to 8 hours without refueling. Visit us at

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