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News, Notes & Fishy Quotes by Josiah Darr

Without the help of fishery agents and volunteers, Northern California trout would literally be fish outta water this summer. 

Hot Creek Hatchery Tests Positive for Whirling Disease

The California Department of Fish and Wildlife recently learned Hot Creek Hatchery near Mammoth Lakes has tested positive for the parasite that causes whirling disease...

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A tiger trout is a rare jewel like nothing else.

Drought Prompts Fish Evacuation at American River and Nimbus Hatcheries

With a fourth year of extreme drought conditions reducing the cold-water supply available, the California Department of Fish and Wildlife is moving fish out of...

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With no water in California rivers, fish have the deck stacked firmly against them.

Diverse Coalition Negotiating Historic Venture to Reintroduce Salmon to Sierra

Spring-run chinook salmon could return to their historic spawning habitat on the North Yuba River under a still-developing agreement involving three...

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Brandon Glass helped this family of anglers into a pile of coho and this chrome chinook last summer in Astoria. This summer promises a lot more of the same with so many days available to fish.

Columbia River 2015 Salmon Seasons Set

Oregon and Washington fishery managers have announced the 2015 summer and fall salmon seasons for the Columbia River. The 2015 fall salmon seasons are based on strong projected returns of...

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Angler Innovations

Issue: May 2015

The newest color for the popular Sure Spin Baitfish Helmet is the Clear UV Purple Haze, available in 8 sizes, from XXS anchovy size to 3XL for black label herring. Also new for 2015 is the Sure Spin Rigging Kit which comes with 15 rubber bobber stops that fit 20- to 60-pound mono, including a supply of toothpicks. Ask for both at your favorite tackle store.;

Flying Fisherman Answers the 
Call with New Phone Cases Flying Fisherman Answers the 
Call with New Phone Cases

Issue: September 2015

Joining the line-up of new products this year will be eight new iPhone5 and iPhone6 cases   featuring artwork by marine artist Jason Mathias.  Two models of durable cases to choose from include the durable, slide-on silicone case to protect your phone from shocks, drops, bumps and scratches, and the rugged weather-proof case that’s rain, snow, dirt, and drop proof, with a scratch-resistant screen protector, for those looking for a bit more protection.  MSRP is $24.99 to $49.99.

Paxis Packs Paxis Packs

Issue: September 2015

You’re on the water and you need something from your pack; normally, you’d have to stop fishing to remove your pack and get what you need. But with a Paxis pack, you can keep your straps on, and the things you need swing to the front in one swift, secure motion. Available in two sizes. See the packs in detail at  360-376-PAXX

The Bradley Smoker Cookbook The Bradley Smoker Cookbook

Issue: September 2015

The Go-To Guide for All Things Smoked. The Bradley Smoker Cookbook takes the art of smoking, a process that can be intimidating to the beginner, and demonstrates just how accessible it truly is. Hundreds of pages of original photographs and recipes for soups, vegetable dishes, salads, wild game, fruit, clams, and numerous other dishes that wouldn’t typically be associated with smoking. From appetizers to desserts, The Bradley Smoker Cookbook features recipes that anyone can duplicate with their own smoker.

Whether you’re a veteran who is looking to get creative with your smoker or a novice who is looking for new ways to enjoy your kitchen—this book is for you!

Brad’s Super Bait Brad’s Super Bait

Issue: September 2015

The bait that started it all has added 4 new finishes for 2015 — Super Baits, Candy Corn, Sa-Weet, Groucho and Twisted Sister. These new colors are deadly behind your favorite flasher says the Pro-Staff that developed them. Available at your fine tackle stores or see them at

Kershaw Kershaw

Issue: September 2015

Kershaw’s fishing knives feature razor-sharp blades of 420J2 stainless steel for excellent corrosion resistance, toughness and easy re-sharpening when the time comes. The blades have just the right amount of “flex” to make filleting easier. The handles are glass-filled nylon for durability and have a rubberized overmold with Kershaw’s exclusive K-Texture for a super-secure grip. For easy storage, a blade protector is included (except Folding Fillet). 6 styles, from large 12” Curved Knife to compact Folding Fillet.

Cousins Tackle Columbia Composite Series Rods Cousins Tackle Columbia Composite Series Rods

Issue: August 2015

Introducing the new Columbia Composite Series from Cousins Tackle — nine new American-made rods designed specifically for “rod holder” salmon/steelhead fishing techniques. Anglers will find perfectly designed actions for trolling baits and spinners, wobbler fishing, downrigger fishing or anchor fishing with plugs. 

Every rod is based on a lightweight, durable graphite/fiberglass composite blank. Forgiving actions make fish hold on longer, yet are powerful enough to handle large weights and battle big fish in strong currents. Distinctive woven graphite handles slide in and out of rod holders easily, and are durable, easy to maintain and won’t absorb scents. Two cork-grip models also available. Learn more at

Work Sharp Work Sharp

Issue: August 2015

‘Wow’ is an understatement. The folks at Work Sharp have developed the best sharpening systems I have ever used. The Work Sharp Guided Sharpening System with its pivot response system actually follows the curve of the blade, making it fast and easy to get a razor edge. Quick-change diamond plates and ease of operation make it easy for beginners or the pro. To learn more and see these products in action, go to

Bradley Magic Mats, 4 Pack  Bradley Magic Mats, 4 Pack 

Issue: August 2015

Bradley Smoker introduces Bradley Magic Mats. These mats fit perfectly in your Bradley Smoker racks—no more foods sticking to your racks. The Bradley Magic Mats allow you to easily peel food off the mats, eliminating big chunks of food residue on the rack. The Bradley Magic Mats are reusable and you can easily wash them in the dishwasher. The mats have a fine mesh that allows the smoke to penetrate the food easily.

Brad’s Mini Extreme Wobblers Brad’s Mini Extreme Wobblers

Issue: August 2015

Two new colors have been added to the Mini Extreme line up BX-28 (Mr. Wilson) and BX-40 (Candy Corn), the Mini’s are deadly at the top and bottom of the tides or just trolled at a suspended depth. Now available at fine tackle stores or check them out at

Clackacraft Clackacraft

Issue: August 2015

Since 1978 building a prop guard. No holes to drill compression fit. Protects prop and Skag. Installs in minutes. Manufactured in lightweight aluminum and hot dip galvanized. Fits most major brands from 2 to 20 hp.; 503-655-9532

Bechhold Predator Bechhold Predator

Issue: August 2015

For deep fishing, 50 feet or deeper, you gotta try the new Bechhold Predator. It will suck in fish up to a 1/2 mile away and it’s guaranteed to out-fish the competition. The Predator comes with a money-back guarantee, “if it doesn’t out-fish what you’re currently using, send it back for a refund...ask the competition if they will make a guarantee like this?” The 8-inch comes standard with 2 lights, or 4 lights in the 8-inch Predator. The 11-inch comes standard with 2 lights, or 8 lights in the Predator series. Check out to see them in action.

S & C Rod Racks S & C Rod Racks

Issue: June 2015

Stuart Carlson of S&C has taken rod racks to the next level and then some. The S&C racks will fit any standard Scotty, Folbe or Fish-On base. These are 100% adjustable swiveling 360 degrees in both horizontal and vertical positions and almost indestructible. Built from aircraft-grade aluminum, stunningly beautiful with the fit and finish of Old World Craftsmanship. These are an absolute must for every boat to stow or transport rods safely. Find a dealer near you at Dealer inquiries welcome: 503-358-4180

P-Line Introduces the Pro Steel Spoon P-Line Introduces the Pro Steel Spoon

Issue: June 2015

The P-Line Pro Steel Spoon sets the bar higher than any other steelhead spoon on the market. This spoon has been built to fish directly out of the package, rigged with a ball-bearing swivel and a single siwash hook, which means no upgrades are needed. Unique color patterns such as copper/gold and copper/silver have proven to be deadly effective. All at a reasonable price! Pro Steel spoons are available in 3 sizes, (1/4, 2/5, and 2/3 ounce) and 10 colors. A spare treble hook is included in the package for fisheries which allow the use of a treble. Pro Steel spoons are currently available and retail for $5.99.

Rainbow Plastics Rainbow Plastics

Issue: June 2015

Rainbow Plastics is now offering a glow-infused plastic throughout their entire line-up. Keeping with their tradition of offering the highest quality plastic floats and bubbles, Rainbow’s glow is no exception. These plastics will glow brighter, longer and the glow ability will not degrade over time. This is the best reusable glow you can get without a battery.

New from Promar New from Promar

Issue: June 2015

The latest landing net from Promar is model# LN-501BT, an adjustable, telescoping landing net with a number of bells and whistles, including a telescoping adjustable handle that extends from 54” out to a whopping 96”. The added extension is ideal when fishing from river banks, as well as drift boats and vessels with high bows and high rails. The handle can be completely detached from the 28” x 30” frame for easy stowing and transport. Sturdy lightweight anodized aluminum construction is durable and corrosion resistant. The new model is outfitted with HookResist netting, a lightweight, high-performance, rubber-coated mesh that cuts through the water with minimal drag. HookResist is a snag-resistant knotless coated mesh that is both soft on fish and easy on hooks. Contact Promar toll free at 866-264-1562 for a dealer near you.

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