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A Steelhead Destination - the Lewis & Clark Valley


The Lewis & Clark Valley involves Lewiston Idaho and Clarkston Washington. The Gateway to the legendary Hell's Canyon is an incredible steelhead fishery.

For those looking to fish for, and catch the mighty steelhead, these fish ascend the Columbia River and arrive in the Snake and other tributaries ready to bite and ready to fight!


In this video, Gary Lewis and Toby Wyatt are fishing with friends catching these steelhead while side-drifting baits like eggs (roe), yarn, beads, corkies, shrimp and other presentations.

These fish are aggressive biters and they are not afraid to go airborne once hooked! You can enjoy this fishing, as well as other hunting opportunities...not to mention wine tasting and gorgeous scenic viewing.

Here at Salmon Trout Steelheader, we'd recommend a trip to this famous steelhead destination fishery!