Choosing Driftboat Oars & Blades | Jake Gregg & Dan Fisher

Choosing Driftboat Oars & Blades | Jake Gregg & Dan Fisher

Driftboat oars are one of the most essential pieces of the entire operation. From sizings to blade styles, you'll find a lot of options, and preferences. This video will talk about the options available from Sawyer, and some basics on how to choose  based on your needs.

Sawyer Paddles & Oars offers a large selection of driftboat oars to fit virtually any rowing style. From shallow water blade types to big water "dyne-lite" oars, Sawyer has truly created a massive selection to choose from. 

Securing Oars in Your Driftboat

This video provides tips for traveling with oars (or paddles) in your driftboat. Jake Gregg and Dan Fisher of Clackacraft discuss how they secure the oars (in this case, some gorgeous Sawyer Squaretop Oars) in their Clackacraft driftboats.

You can use the straps from your boat, a bungee cord, or another secure fastener. Jake discusses the two type of rowing seats and how you can place the oars on the seat or to the side.

Learn more about these oars at Sawyers Website

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