July Situk Sockeye Report by Randy Bonner

July Situk Sockeye Report by Randy Bonner

The season has ramped up, but has yet to run out.

situk sockeye fishing alaska

Numbers have crept near 60k fish in the past week with high water conditions, resulting in a change in regulations by Alaska Fish and Game to double the retention limits from three to six sockeye on July 13th. Weir counts have shown the best recorded data by mid July than the past several years, putting the Situk on track for a stellar season cumulatively.

randy bonner situk sockeye fishing alaska

Chinook have also shown in stronger numbers by mid July than previous years, with 850 counted by July 13th, with an escapement goal of 1,050 that is quite likely to be reached, which would open consideration to retention.

Pink salmon are beginning to trickle in as well, but there are great numbers of quality Sockeye to target for now from top to bottom in the river system.

situk sockeye fishing alaska

This all probably won't last long, but it's far from over by any means...

- written by Randy Bonner July 13 2021

People in photos:Sarah Pate, Author Randy Bonner, Bob Ducars

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