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Larry Cassidy discusses Dams, Salmon Migration, High-Seas Drift Netting and Beyond

Frank Amato sits down with Larry Cassidy to discuss the wonderful natural resource of Salmon & Steelhead.

Larry Cassidy was the US commissioner to the Pacific Salmon Treaty with Canada, and the North Pacific Anadromous Fish Commission. He was also appointed to the Northwest Power & Conservation Council. His sphere of influence has benefited every angler that fishes for and enjoys Pacific Salmon & Steelhead stocks.

His unique perspective comes from a long career and he covers wide range of subjects including: Bonneville Dam, the Snake River dams, Ocean paths of chinook, coho and steelhead, high seas drift-netting, bad and good hatchery practice (Hood River and Cle Elum as examples), smolt and fry outmigration, power companies, government involvement in fish, and historic legislation which benefitted salmon and steelhead.

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