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January Steelhead Fishing - Buzz Ramsey, Nick Amato, Jack Glass & Steve Lynch

Buzz Ramsey, Jack Glass, Nick Amato and Steve Lynch go for a winter steelhead trip in January of 2021.

2021 has been cold and low on fish numbers...but that doesn't mean there aren't a few there.

Though the fish may be harder to come by, they're still moving through the system so you've really got to hit a lot of water and try to find a mover and/or a biter. See what happens when these experienced anglers work hard for them.

Conversation involves hatchery and wild steelhead talks, the excellence of genetics and broodstock programs. The need for wild stock components.

"The Good ol' Days" are reminisced about, as this group has fished for decades - seen the good and the bad as far as salmon or steelhead runs go. While fishing with Lamiglas SI bobber-dogging rods, spinning reels, braid, floats, 1/3 oz. Dave's Tangle Free weights and 10 - 12mm BNR soft beads.  Nick, Buzz, Jack & Steve are bobber-dogging from the sled, fishing edges and flats in the river, as well as targeting riffles and tailouts. Covering likely holding water...looking for a fresh fish.

Do they find one? Find out!

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