Steelhead Plug Fishing Basics w/ Josiah Darr (Video)

Steelhead Plug Fishing Basics w/ Josiah Darr (Video)

Professional Fishing Guide, Josiah Darr, explains his basic steelhead plug fishing setup, which he uses on Oregon & Washington coastal rivers for steelhead and salmon. Josiah tends to use many of the Yakima Bait Mag Lip plugs, with P-Line CXX leader material. This setup results in a very durable, strong plug system, so that he can continue using the same "runners" trip after trip.

Josiah uses a braid mainline so that it can be very strong, but with a small diameter to let the plugs dive down. This setup is rigged on Lamiglas XCC plug fishing rods like the XCC802 and XCC803.

steelhead plugs yakima bait mag lip fishing josiah darr

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