P-Line SS Fluorocarbon Leader

P-Line SS Fluorocarbon Leader

p-line flourocarbonSalmon & Steelhead anglers don't just use any old line when it comes to targeting these incredible fish. A weakened line or something too visible can seriously ruin your chances at not only hooking but landing a trophy fish - or any salmon and steelhead for that matter. 

So where do you need to compromise? Actually, you don't!

That's why P-Line SS Fluorocarbon shines.

You should not have to sacrifice durability and abrasion resistance, just to get a stealthy line. The mix of durability and invisibility is what makes a truly special salmon and steelhead line. Add in an excellent knot-strength and you've got a line you can rely on in virtually any condition. 

steelhead pline fishing
Kyle Heising relies on P-Line SS to bring salmon and steelhead to the boat.

SS Flouro is universal for techniques, whether you are running a uni-knot from braid to leader, with fixed float setups, or running the SS Flouro off of a sliding float setup for either float or bobber-dog tactics. This fluoro also works exceptionally well for drift fishing or running longer bumpers for spoons and spinners.

Chinook & Coho

Let's not forget the big-boys: Chinook Salmon.
When running a troll setup, the heavier lb. tests of the SS Flouro can be deadly for mooching bait, or running spinners. One of the most deadly applications however for SS Flouro is when float fishing for chinook salmon with bait. The see-through qualities mean you can run 30lb or even 40lb leader for salmon with a bait of eggs, or shrimp, or both.
During the late summer months when fall chinook are piling in to lower, clear-water streams, this can be the difference between a bite - or no bite. And yet, having that invisibility means you can keep a high lb. test and not fear breaking off your line.

For coho? This fluorocarbon works perfectly as a bumper for twitching, throwing spoons/spinners or float-fishing. 

The New "Old Reliable"

If you're looking to entice more shy salmon & steelhead, plus hang on for dear life without fear when you hook a good one - the P-Line SS Fluorocarbon is a leader option that will keep you coming back. 

Invisibility - with strength and power. 
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