Buzz Ramsey Pro Tip on Rigging Wires

Buzz Ramsey Pro Tip on Rigging Wires

When it comes to trolling...

...anglers do everything possible to eliminate line tangles, which is a big part of why innovative products like divers, bottom walkers, downriggers, and spreaders were invented and remain popular with those trolling for fish big and small.
The latest innovation, for me and other Northwest anglers, is to use heavy-duty wires rigged in conjunction with flashers and/or as weight droppers when employing cannon-ball style sinkers in the four to 20 ounce range.

The new Rigging Wires made by Yakima Bait are not made from thin, wimpy wire but instead .051 diameter stainless-steel wire with 3-wrap eyelets and a size 5 stainless snap to facilitate quick attachment.

The wires themselves are available in 10 and 15 inch lengths, which means they measure 11 and 16 inches when you include the #5 snap.

rigging wires  

When trolling for big fish like salmon, I often rig a Fish Flash behind a diver or Free-Sliding Spreader to help attract fish – it works! How I’m using these new heavy-duty wires is to snap one to the end of my Fish Flash, making it the first section of my leader, and connect the end to a swivel and add 30 to 40 inches of  monofilament back to my lure or bait.

That way, if I or one of my friends get a tangle, I’ve only got a short leader to straighten out instead of a long one, as the .051 wire (being heavy duty) just won’t tangle around itself. In addition, rigged this way, my swivel is about half way down my leader which forces it to work better than if only on the end.  

Rigging Wires work great as dropper lines to my weight/sinker as they won’t collapse like mono and, similar to a bottom walker keep my gear at the right distance above bottom when fish are holding there.
While the above is how I use the all-new Rigging Wires offered by Yakima Bait, the applications are many as they are designed to replace monofilament when rigged behind divers, ahead of and behind flashers, for attachment to jumbo size halibut jigs, and to extend downrigger cable rigging at the weight.
-Buzz Ramsey
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