Dave's Tangle Free | The "Doggin' Pack" Steelhead Weights

Dave's Tangle Free | The "Doggin' Pack" Steelhead Weights

A Weight Multi-Pack For Steelhead Techniques: Float fishing, drift fishing (bottom-bouncing), side-drifting, bobber-dogging, bait fishing, plug w/dropper fishing, and many other Pacific Northwest and Great Lakes Steelhead Fisheries.

It's about weight performance. Get a better bounce for steelhead fishing. These USA-Made steel steelhead weights are not just another lead-free product. The benefits of fishing with this type of sinker design are apparent in low-hangup ratio, and excellent presentation throughout a drift.

Bobber-Doggin’ as a technique has made a huge impact on salmon and steelhead fishing in recent years, gaining converts in multiple states and fisheries. The ability to target fish in a multitude of depths and bottom contours without too much adjustment is attractive, especially because it flat out catches fish!

doggin pack steelhead

Dave’s Doggin’ Pack covers the primary weight needs for an effective ‘doggin’ program and offers a major performance advantage: these weights bounce the bottom quietly and pull out of snags easier than traditional weights. You’ll find that they are easily the best ‘doggin’ weights on the market today. Top guides and anglers have found that Dave’s weights truly make a difference in this technique and also save the angler money in the long run. Catch more fish and snag up less.

doggin pack

15 steel fishing weights: (5) 1/4 oz, (5) 1/3 oz and (5) 1/2 oz Plus: (5) Rosco Snap Swivels. High performance. Lead free. USA Made

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