Fish Fighter Products - Tackle and Rod Tenders

Fish Fighter Products - Tackle and Rod Tenders

For those of you who troll using a flasher and cannon ball sinker, you know managing all the tackle can be challenging. Fish Fighter Products out of Idaho has built products meant to increase efficiency and keep your rigs in place.

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These tackle and rod tenders are made from marine grade plastic and aluminum so you know it will last for generations.

Fish Fighter Products machined in 2 slots to accept large and small flashers, a bait holder, a sinker holder that holds cannonball sinkers from 5 oz to 24oz including a hole in base so the sinker won’t roll around. This tray is wide enough to hold herring or anchovy rigs, egg ball or hard baits like Kwik Fish.

They then machined in an upper and lower Fishing Rod Holder in order to hold your rod in position. We also designed in a Bottom Bouncer weight holder as well as an easy to replace rubber retainer to secure your rod. This setup give you lots of options for mounting!

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Be sure to visit for all the details. Built in Idaho with a 30 day money back guarantee.
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Tackle and rod tenders

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