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Fuzz Bomb | Ready to Fish Yarnies

fuzz bomb yarniesLOW CLEAR WATER: When fishing low gin-clear water you need to use lighter colors and smaller yarnies. Fuzz Bombs has two great colors in a smaller 1/2 “ size for water that is 2 or 3 NTU’s. When fishing in clear water be sure to use a small # 4 or even a # 6 hook to rig an “instant egg fly”. Simply use a needle to thread the end of your leader through the center of your yarnie and slide the yarnie down to the hook and tie on your line.

PERFECT STEELHEAD GREEN WATER: When you get to fish that perfect steelhead green water with an NTU of 5 to 7 then you can use brighter single or multi-color yarnies. Fuzz Bomb yarnies offers four great selections for these conditions. Step up to a # 2 or a # 1 hook.
HIGH & STAINED WATER: When rivers are running high and the water is stained with NTU’s of 8 to 11 you can still fish. Fuzz Bomb yarnies has three great colors for high water conditions. Use extra bright colors like “Neon Lime” or high contrast colors like those shown below. Larger hooks in # 2 or # 1 size work well. Fuzz Bombs are Made in America and use high viz UV yarn.

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