The Rebirth of the Lamiglas X-11

The Rebirth of the Lamiglas X-11

The brand Lamiglas has been a stalwart of fishing rod manufacturing since 1949, continuously designing and building fine fishing tools for anglers. In the salmon, trout and steelhead world, Lamiglas rods are used daily by guides and anglers for technique specific fisheries.

Although Lamiglas has high-end fishing rods in the upper echalon, there is a series that has garnered massive appeal without a big price tag. The X-11.

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Best Selling Salmon & Steelhead Rod

Some rods can be purchased for next to nothing these days, but compromises must be made. One of the most appreciated aspects of Lamiglas salmon & steelhead rods is that they do not compromise where it counts, and that goes for the X-11 series as well.

The X-11 series is based off of proven Lamiglas designs for almost every fishery & technique there is. They are firmly placed within the salmon and steelhead world with rods for trolling, anchoring, bank fishing or casting from a boat. With strong, sensitive graphite and new Seaguide components - the X-11 are professional tools within a price range that most anglers can afford. 

Newest Updates to the X-11

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Gloss Graphite Finish  

The classic 'Merlot' color of the X-11 has now been replaced with a gorgeous gloss graphite finish. This graphite gray look brings to mind the high-end look and feel of famous Lamiglas designs, but retains excellent durability with the additional coating. These rods are sensitive and strong.

With the recent introduction of graphite handles to the series, you can now choose between cork or graphite handles. On a personal note, I love the look and feel of the graphite handle, but many anglers love their cork and Lamiglas has given both options to suit everyone.

Seaguide Chrome Guides

High-Tensile Strength w/ Deep-Pressed Ceramic Inserts

Lamiglas has incorporated Seaguide components into many of their rod series and the X-11 is no different. The updated guides are a lightweight and durable option that works well with the braids, flouros and monos used in modern fisheries.

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Suggested Models

(add -GH for Graphite Handle)

There are many models in the X-11 series, but for the purpose of offering some suggestions, below are listed some technique specific models:

lamiglas x11 rods

Suggested Salmon Rods


LX96HC | 9'6" 15-30lb Troll/Plug Rod 

LX86HC | 8'6" 12-25lb Drift, Plug & Backbounce


LX90MHS | 9'0" 10-20lb Spinner & Spoon, Float, Drift

LX79MS | 7'9" 8-15lb Twitch, Spinner, Side-drift

lamiglas cork x11

Suggested Steelhead Rods


LX96MC | 9'6" 6-15lb Float, Drift, Spinner

LX86MC | 8'6" 8-12lb Drift, Plug & Spinner


LX96LS | 9'6" 6-12lb Float, Side-Drift, Spinner

LX106MS | 10'6" 8-12lb Steelhead Float


Go visit the Lamiglas website to learn all about their impressive lineup!
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