Sawyer Bandit Oars | A Game Changer

Sawyer Bandit Oars | A Game Changer

Written by Sawyer and Clackacraft Ambassador, and professional guide Tim Linehan. View Profile


Once in a while a piece of equipment or new gear comes along that is truly a game-changer.   

"The Bandits are that for me."

I’ve pulled on many an oar over my thirty year career as a guide.  Some brands were better than others, some models fit my style more appropriately than others, and some even made the work load lighter.  But none compare to the benefits I noticed immediately by the Bandits. 

I literally remember the day when I shoved off with a new set of Bandits.  

sawyer bandit oars

My home water, the Kootenai River, is a big, broad, tailwater.  In some areas, it’s 300-400 yards wide.  With a current that can exceed 18,000 cubic feet per second, it’s a hard pull from bank to bank.

In this case, I shoved off the ramp and immediately started pulling hard and ferrying across the river in order to set up for an eddy on the far bank that usually holds a few trout.  After a few strokes with the Bandits, the first thing I couldn’t believe was how light they were.  And the second thing I couldn’t believe was how efficiently and quickly I was traveling across the current.  Before I knew it, I had crossed the river and had the boat in position.   

Bandits offer the perfect combination of balance, strength, and flexibility while being extremely light and responsive at the same time.  

I repeat, Bandits have been a game-changer for me.


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 - written by Tim Linehan

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