Stainless Steel Stick Weights

Stainless Steel Stick Weights

A stainless-steel weight, built with a Rosco swivel for a maneuverability which makes for natural presentation and the ability to pull from multiple angles to free the weight. 

The uncoated stainless steel has that energy and slick feel to move smoothly along the bottom and still get down quick. With the height of the weight it can tick, bow down, get back up and slowly creep its way across the bottom, or glide and tick like a pencil lead. Fish it faster or slower...use a snap swivel for quick changes. 

steelhead weights sinker fishing fish

Gives a good "tick" on the bottom and works well as a sliding sinker, or fixed. Drift, bobber-dog, float fish, Carolina Rig, Texas Rig, Tokyo Rig...

As a side-drifting weight, the 1/8 and 1/4 are absolutely perfect. Make ultra-long drifts with any size leader.

There is a number of lead, tungsten and tin options on the market, but stainless steel brings some unique qualities to it, and becomes more affordable than tungsten once you get above 3/8 oz.

stick weights sinker fishing fish chinook king lead free

Available in 1/8 oz, 1/4 oz, 3/8 oz and 1/2 oz. Or, check out the new Stick Pack.

The design brings a similar profile pencil-lead and slinkys, but with the sensitivity and the energy of steel. Excellent for drop-shot, drift, bobber-dog, float and bottom-bouncing techniques.

daves tangle free stick pack fish fishing


High-performance. Lead free. Made in USA. 

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