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News, Notes & Fishy Quotes by Josiah Darr

Path for Public Lands in Oregon; Hosmer Lake; Gene Banks for Wild Steelhead
The better we protect our magical rivers, the longer well get to enjoy them.

Senator Wyden Charts a Path Forward for Public Lands in Oregon

On November 26, Senator Ron Wyden released his draft bill proposing a long-term solution for the management of 2.1 million acres of federal Oregon and...

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Whether they are wild or hatchery, all steelhead seem to produce big smiles.

WDFW Accepted Public Comment on Gene Banks for Wild Steelhead

The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife extended the public comment period by one week on a proposal to create wild steelhead gene banks in three...

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This Scottish fish farm is a perfect example of what many salmon farms look like around the world. The theory of getting more natural fish for consumption is reasonable, but not at the cost of risking the world’s stock of wild salmon. 

Third, in October/November issue of STS, Josiah’s comments at the end of his piece, “The Sustainable Farming Initiative” pretty much sum it up. “The only thing that appears to be sustainable for now is the industry’s ability to pay off all...

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Current Issue January 2014 Salmon Trout Steelheader

Pro Reports by Keith Jackson

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Salmon, trout and steelhead are our passion! Informative and interesting articles by professional writers fill our pages each and every issue. Our Departments section writers will keep you well informed on new and upcoming happenings in the fishing world. Enjoy The Hog Pen where you can see the happy faces of anglers just like you! The New Products section is always a popular place to check out to see what will make your fishing better. Read the magazine that the Pros read and become more involved in the fishing industry... We promise that in each fresh, exciting issue you will develop your knowledge to become a successful fisherman! Or your Money Back!

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Strike while…and all that…

Strike King Slab Hammers

Strike King is one of the pre-eminent manufacturers of bass lures. The company makes crankbaits, jigs, jig heads, soft plastics, spoons and assorted goodies that catch fish extremely well. Not only does it have a strong pro-staff that does a lot of field research, but it also does a lot of development in its product line.

So what does a lure company known for its bass tackle have to do with salmon, trout or steelhead? Without going through the catalog and pointing out obvious and some not-so-obvious...

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New Products NEXT PREV

New Kwikfish Colors from Luhr-Jensen

New Kwikfish Colors from Luhr-Jensen

Luhr-Jensen introduces three new color combinations to increase the dynamic range of colors already in their line. Blazin’ Blue, Blazin’ Purple and Orange Craw are must-have colors for all salmon and steelhead anglers. The new Blazin’ finishes combine fluorescent pink with chrome and blue or purple beneath Lurh-Jensen’s UV Bright umbrella. Enhancing lure visibility in all conditions these finishes bring enhanced levels of anglers’ favorite catching colors. The Orange Craw brings back a top-producing finish by popular demand. Both inland and coastal anglers thrive on this finish’s ability to draw strikes from big steelhead. See them all at

Panic Minnow Dropswim

Panic Minnow Dropswim

The Panic Minnow Dropswim produces such realistic swimming action because of its neutral-buoyant hand-poured plastic, the small paddle tail, and ribbed sides. Density Tackle has been in the bass scene for 10 years, and has recently introduced steelhead/salmon-catching colors to the market and will bring 5 new colors out early next year. Below a float they are best rigged on an Owner Ultrahead model 5143 in 1/8 ounce. Contact:, 

Colville Precision Reels PARAGON485

Colville Precision Reels-Paragon485

Made in the USA! Colville Outfitters introduces one of the finest centerpins to hit the market. Just about 5 inches in diameter this centerpin was field tested for 6 years in the Great Lakes and the West Coast. The PARAGON offers a first-of-its-kind “Textured Rim” which aids in the retrieve of line. The reel come stock with Medical Grade Abec 7 Ceramic Bearings which allows you to feel exactly how fast your reel is spinning. The perfectly weighted and balanced spool allows you to fish the largest or slowest flows. Many colors to choose from and custom wood handles and centercaps available. For more information contact Danny at Colville Outfitters and Custom Tackle 716-627-7335 or visit

Soft Beads!

BnR Tackle Soft Beads

BnR Tackle Soft Beads provide a bait that has the consistency of real eggs. Soft Beads are offered at 10mm and 12mm in a variety of fishy colors with a small hole down the center of the bead. Also provided is a small colored weight that slides into your bead providing a natural eyed-egg look.

P-Line Beead Kit

P-Line Bead Kit

Bead-fishing, a secret? Not anymore. Anglers from Alaska to California, and east to the Great Lakes have dialed in numerous methods to effectively rig beads. Drifting, bobberdogging, and indicator-fishing are all productive ways to present a bead to a trout or steelhead. P-Line has introduced two new kits with 9 fishilicious colors in two sizes, the kits are available in either 6 & 8mm combo, or 8 &10 mm combo. Each kit has a handy 20 compartment box, 50 bead stoppers, and directions on exactly how to rig your beads. “In clear water it’s tough to beat the stealth of a single bead fished on a fluorocarbon leader,” stated Don Newman of P-Line. These kits retail for $19.99 and are currently available at most tackle stores. For more information on all P-Line products log on to...

New Okuma Komodo and Citrix 350 Low-Profile Baitcast Reels

New Okuma Komodo and Citrix 350 Low-Profile Baitcast Reels

With an industry-leading line capacity of 230 yards of 14-pound monofilament and 25 pounds of maximum drag output, all-new Komodo and Citrix 350 size low-profile baitcast reels advance this reel design into all-new fishing categories. Now anglers can enjoy the comfort of this reel design within big steelhead, salmon and inshore fisheries as well. The Komodo is a 10-bearing plus roller bearing design, Citrix includes 7-bearings plus roller bearing. Komodo features an all-stainless-steel drive system and Citrix utilized Dura Brass main and pinion gear. Both reels feature a 6.4:1 gear ratio, internally adjustable cast control system dual anti-reverse systems for power. Komodo and Citrix 350s carry an MSRP of $219.99 and $169.99 respectively.

River Rocker Now Available in Steelhead Color Patterns

River Rocker Now Available in Steelhead Color Patterns

A dozen new colors designed specifically for steelhead. Available in three sizes: #3, measuring 2 3/8 inches; #5 at 3 1/8- inches; and #7 is 3 ¾ inches in length. The River Rocker was designed to track true in moving water even when retrieved at high speeds. The curved body and broad front tackle moving water and dig into the bottom, deflecting most snags. As a result of this high-speed design, anglers also use the River Rocker for speed-trolling, both behind planer boards or long lined. It features high-grade hardware and super-sharp hooks, and a 3D red eye.



NEW KoneZone selections inspired by the guys at Hoggs/Jo Mar Hardcore Tackle. Names: Black = AMBUSH, 
Red = SMASH and Chartreuse = DANGER.

Pro-Cure Introduces Two New 
Bloody Tuna Flavors in Bait Oil & Super Gel

Bloody Tuna Flavors in Bait Oil & Super Gel

Steelheaders rejoice. Bloody Tuna, one of the hottest scents for steelhead, is now available in Garlic Bloody Tuna and Anise Bloody Tuna in both Bait Oils and Super Gels, in 2-ounce and 8-ounce Guide size. As many anglers know, some days salmonids really crave garlic, and on others anise scents seem to do the trick. Pro-Cure now gives anglers the options to fish regular Bloody Tuna, Garlic Bloody Tuna, and Anise Bloody Tuna. Of course, Super Gel is best used on jig heads, plugs, and spoons, and the bait oils are best for injecting into rigged baits or for marinating bait. For more info, go to our new website:

Steelhead Stalkers’ Dragon Tail UV Steelhead Worms

Steelhead Stalkers’ Dragon Tail UV Steelhead Worms

Steelhead Worms that are extremely clear, soft and durable. Their multifaceted tails move water off four surfaces, creating erratic movement steelhead can’t resist! These worms are extremely vibrant and enhanced with our exclusive 365 nano-meter UV process. Available in 6 ultra-bright, UV-enhanced steelhead colors in both 4.5-inch and 6-inch sizes. Steelhead Orange, Steelhead Pink, Cerise, Hot Pink, Shrimp Pink, and Bubblegum. Ask for them at your local tackle shop or buy them online at: 100% made in the USA.

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