Drift Boat Add Ons by Josiah Darr

Drift Boat Add Ons by Josiah Darr

There are a handful of excellent drift boat manufacturers that customize boats to fit almost every fisherman’s needs. There are metal boats for guys that love the way a Pavati or Willie tracks. There’s Clackacraft for the guys who love the ease of rowing and the shallow water applications. Then there’s the raft for guys that want to put themselves down big whitewater rivers. But, it doesn’t matter where you’re going, what kind of boat you’re in or what you’re fishing for, any drift boat fisherman worth his salt will tell you that functionality and space in a boat are at a premium.

clackacraft drift boats fishing

It doesn’t matter how flashy the paint job is on the exterior or how blingy your trailer is, if the boat isn’t set up well, it’s hard to fish from. Clackacraft Drift Boats knows that and they carry a few small attachments that can make or break a day in a drift boat. Some are expensive while others don’t cost much at all. Either way these little add-ons make a day on the water a lot more productive.

Motor Mount

There are a dozen different types of trolling motors out there from electrics to 4-stroke gas motors, but they’ll all work a little better and put less wear and tear on your boat if you put them on a motor mount. Clackacraft’s motor mount is a very clean looking plate that gives fishermen somewhere to mount their motor other that the transom itself, while allowing the fisherman to keep their anchor centered depending on the motor.

Bow Drop w/ Nest

Personally, this little invention is the one I originally didn’t think I’d use very often, but now I can’t live without. Any time I’m in slow water and want the boat to stay still or in fast water and I don’t want any swing, down goes the bow anchor. A bow anchor instantly stabilizes the boat and when you’re ready to move the jam cleat holds it over the side until it’s ready to deploy again. One little tug on the rope and down it goes.

bow drop anchor nest

Prop Guard

Not to sound prejudice, but the Clackacraft prop guards are better than any other prop guard available. The skag guards are cute, but what if you’re hitting Umpqua style rocks? You’re just going snap the skag clean off. The Clack guards protect the entire bottom of the motor from just about anything and are sized to fix anything from a 3 hp to much larger high thrust kickers. They also keep lines out of the prop. Because they’re attached to the motor with compression fittings no holes need to be drilled in the motor either. Rocks, ledges, car crashes and even small explosions are no match for this prop guard.

prop guard clackacraft fishing

To say they’re tough is an understatement!

Oar Buddies

If you haven’t seen these Oar Buddies yet and you run any kind of motor on your drift boat, you’re missing out! These little guys hold your oars out of the water when running the motor and then make it super easy to transition right back to rowing.

oar buddies

They’re so simple yet so useful and they’re much simpler to go back and forth from oars to the motor than any device designed to do the same thing.

Ultimate Tie Down Straps

To put it quite simply, Boat Buckles are easy as it gets for trailering any kind of boat. No more straps to lose or tie downs to untwist. Just install the Boat Buckles on your trailer, put the boat on the trailer, pull the strap up over the gunnel, ratchet it down a few times and you’re on the road. It doesn’t get any simpler!

tie down clackacraft boat buckles trailer driftboat

Swivel Oar Locks

There’s a few different kinds of swivel oar locks on the market and two of them are available at Clackacraft. Clackacraft’s new swivel locks are growing in popularity and popping up on boats all over the northwest. They’re very similar to the new Pro Locks system except the oars your oars will stay rope wrapped and they can be used in conjunction with Convertible Oar Rites if desired. Not to mention they’re a fraction of the cost. 

swivel oar locks 

Breakdown Oar

A breakdown oar is one of those things that you will probable never need until the day you do and when that day comes, you’re going to be REALLY glad you have it. Breakdown oars can be stored in a number of bench seats or in side holders and won’t seem important until the day you lose an oar. That day you’ll be thanking your lucky stars you lugged that breakdown around. 

breakdown oar driftboat

Spare Tire and Carrier

A spare tire is about as handy as the breakdown oar. The spare tire carrier bolts your spare right to the trailer completely out of the way with no tools required. Like the breakdown, the spare tire carrier won’t seem that important until you’re 140 miles from home with a flat tire in the dark on the side of the Highway after a long day on the water. 

spare tire and carrier

Anti Rattle Trailer Hitch

Ever get tired of hearing your hitch rattling around inside of your receiver? That familiar and unsettling “clunk-clang” when you go over bumps? Have no fear, Anti Rattle Trailer Hitch is here. This simple little device tightens the hitch into the receiver instantly stopping that annoying rattle and giving you ultimate peace of mind while towing your boat.

anti rattle trailer hitch

Floor Mats

Floor mats can go in any kind of boat to make it a little easier on your feet and legs all day. Not to mention keeping you out of the swill at the bottom of the boat and keeping the boat from getting scraped if one of your inconsiderate friends wears his studded soles. 

Anchor Nest

This little guy isn’t totally needed, but sure is nice. If you don’t like disconnecting your anchor at the end of every trip or having to find a bucket or box to put that chunk of lead in, the anchor nest will solve your problems. Just drop the anchor in at the end of the day, secure it with your anchor or a bungee and off you go.

anchor nest


 - written by Josiah Darr

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