Fishing the Worlds BEST Coho Salmon River w/ Scott Haugen (Video)

Fishing the Worlds BEST Coho Salmon River w/ Scott Haugen (Video)

An incredible river, coming out of the second largest lake in Alaska, Becharof Lake flows out into the Egegik River, which eventually flows into a tidal lagoon, then into Bristol Bay.

When the Coho Salmon show up in the Egegik, they are very, very aggressive. Fresh out of the dirty water, they stack heavy near the Becharof Lodge.

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When you book at the Becharof Lodge, they'll take you to the most incredible holes and riffles for catching loads of sockeye, chum and coho. Depending on when you arrive, you'll have a chance at some incredible salmon species in one of the most beautiful, untouched rivers in the world.

becharof lake lodge fishing alaska egegik river

Owners Mark Korpi and George Joy have done a wonderful job of upgrading the lodge, albeit with only generators!

Scott Haugen talks about fishing plugs (Crankbaits), drift fishing, float fishing, jig fishing, spinner fishing... So many techniques work. Egg fishing, bead fishing, corkies...spin n glos.... Aggressive Coho and good food are available at the incredible Becharof Lodge! Book as soon as you can!

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