Float Fishing for Chum & Coho (Video)

Float Fishing for Chum & Coho (Video)

Keith Johnson guided Salmon Trout Steelheader publisher Frank Amato and Online Editor Lucas Holmgren into a fabulous fishing trip for coho (silver) salmon and chum (dog, keta) salmon. The technique in this video is all bobber and bait + beads. The interesting thing about this setup is that on somedays the beads will outperform the eggs (roe), but on this day the eggs were definitely the top performer. Oddly enough, a bare bead isn't necessarily as effective as a bead with bait behind it - even when the bead is getting bit. Keith surmises that the scent brings them in, but as seen in this clip - the bead floats ahead of the bait. Either way, the float, weight, bait and bead is a deadly combo. Keith brings a number of egg cures with, from Pro-Cure to Pautzke's, to find out the hot bait for the day. He certainly found it, and floats were dropping left and right. Keith's guide service is called KFish Guide Service and can be found here: https://www.kfishguide.com/
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The bead never leads the eggs with that setup. Float line weight leader eggs bead.


This is a nice video of catching fish but worst I have seen on setting up gear! Do over.

Gary Maurer

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