Hatchery & Wild's 'Benefishal' Shows Why Patagonia's "Artifishal" Got it Totally Wrong

Hatchery & Wild's 'Benefishal' Shows Why Patagonia's "Artifishal" Got it Totally Wrong

This film is a response to "Artifishal" by Liars & Thieves Productions, which was commissioned by Southern California clothing-empire Patagonia.

The film "Artifishal" is supposed to be a voice of environmental concern, but misleads the audience false analogies and information. 

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The owner of Patagonia, Yvon Chouinard, is a Southern California Billionaire who doesn't seem to have a basic understanding of steelhead and salmon life cycles, and thinks that fish hatcheries are the same as chicken hatcheries.

Patagonia also falsely equates fish farms to hatcheries. Yvon says "I see no difference between a fish farm and a hatchery." 

In reality, there is a huge difference between fish farms and hatcheries!

Fish farmed salmon and steelhead are stuck in a pen their entire adult life, leading to disease and lack of nutrition. These fish farms are highly dangerous to the environment.

Hatchery salmon and steelhead are released at a young age into the river, after which they migrate out into the ocean, as far as Japan & Russia in many cases, before a small percentage of the hardiest, and luckiest fish return to Oregon and Washington,

Fish farms nothing like the tightly regulated and run hatcheries that Oregon and Washington require. This short film does an excellent job showing why 'Artifishal' got it completely wrong, and damages the truth of what our fish and anglers need for a continued future of salmon and steelhead fisheries.

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your message is right on the money without hatchery fish we would be out of business. Here in southern Oregon our fish have been steadily declining science the removal of two dams on the Rogue River. We actually need more fish produced. Maybe a little better regulation of the open ocean water fisheries.

Randy Hecker

Great rebuttal to the direct untruths and innuendoes of Patagonia’s film.

Grant Zadow

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