"Steelhead Don't Wear Sunglasses" Roger Hinchcliff Interview

"Steelhead Don't Wear Sunglasses" Roger Hinchcliff Interview

Listen to this interview with Roger Hinchcliff, outdoor writer for Salmon Trout Steelheader, Great Lakes Angler, rod designer & sales manager for Lamiglas, as well the owner of "Steelhead Manifesto".

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Roger discusses a number of interesting subjects to steelheaders in both the Great Lakes (Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Ohio, New York, Ontario and the Pacific Northwest states like Washington, Oregon, Northern California.

Subjects Include:

  • Michigan Fishing Opportunity
  • Great Lakes Steelhead Migration
  • Differences between PNW & Great Lakes Rivers Conditions
  • Steelhead Temperature Factors
  • Steelhead Don't Wear Sunglasses
  • Designing "The Closer" Lamiglas Float Rod

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First Podcast I have listened to all the way through. Very informative and looking forward to one of Rogers seminars coming up in Grand Rapids Michigan. I will listen other Podcasts with Roger for sure.

Scott Bowerman

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