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"Steelhead Don't Wear Sunglasses" Roger Hinchcliff Interview

Listen to this interview with Roger Hinchcliff, outdoor writer for Salmon Trout Steelheader, Great Lakes Angler, rod designer & sales manager for Lamiglas, as well the owner of "Steelhead Manifesto".

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roger covers sts gla hinchcliff steelhead

Roger discusses a number of interesting subjects to steelheaders in both the Great Lakes (Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Ohio, New York, Ontario and the Pacific Northwest states like Washington, Oregon, Northern California.

Subjects Include:

  • Michigan Fishing Opportunity
  • Great Lakes Steelhead Migration
  • Differences between PNW & Great Lakes Rivers Conditions
  • Steelhead Temperature Factors
  • Steelhead Don't Wear Sunglasses
  • Designing "The Closer" Lamiglas Float Rod

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