Trying Out the "Spinfish" Salmon Trolling Hardbait Lure with Big Dave & Nick Amato

Trying Out the "Spinfish" Salmon Trolling Hardbait Lure with Big Dave & Nick Amato

The new Yakima Bait co. salmon trolling development, the "Spinfish", at first glance, resembles a Kwikfish or Flatfish. Indeed it is similar, but the action is completely different. It is a hardbait (than you can stuff with bait) that spins on the leader, resembling a cut-plug herring or other baitfish. 

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This is a deadly way to catch both ocean & river salmon. They can be fished naked, behind a triangle flasher and are especially deadly paired up with the 360 flasher (as you'll see in the video)

Coho and Chinook alike will chase down a Spinfish, and the addition of bait in the center cavity is what really tips the scales for this lure. 

Salmon anglers are very superstitious about bait and scents.

And why? Because Salmon are one of the most scent conscious fish that swims. So having the ability to imitate a crippled baitfish, then fill the inside of the bait chamber with herring, anchovy, sardine, tuna, eggs, sand shrimp, can dial in the bait smell that the salmon want to munch on.

Salmon love baitfish. Spinfish satisfies their urge for a good action and the right smell. 

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A highly consistent pattern in Fall & Spring.

 Watch the video(s) below about testing the Spinfish with Big Dave and Nick Amato. 

Short Cut: Testing the Spinfish (Full Video Below)

Watch as Big Dave of Wilson River Lodge sets up and fishes with the Spinfish...and catches an Oregon Coast Spring Chinook! Please subscribe to this Youtube channel. 

Watch the entire video featuring Big Dave & Nick Amato Please Subscribe!

Big Dave will talk trolling tactics and show his riggings, talk about tides and trolling with, or into the current. Excellent salmon info from Big Dave Manners

Full Version 

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- article & videos by Lucas Holmgren

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I’ve been using these in the central Puget Sound and they work great. The white with purple stripe and the pink in white are the only two colors I’ve used (stupid I fish limit)
Seem to work great on resident coho too🤷‍♂️

Jody Moran

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