3 New Salmon Fishing Rod Developments from Lamiglas

3 New Salmon Fishing Rod Developments from Lamiglas

The fishing rod innovator, Lamiglas is at it again. Since 1949, they've built fishing rod blanks in the United States - and of course the rods we now know and love. They also now do have some import options available (X-11 and Redline) to get people into those trusted Lamiglas actions at a more affordable price point. 

So what's special about Lamiglas salmon rods?

Lamiglas has been focused on a few specific things in the rod world - they started by revamping their entire USA blank plant as well as expanded the innovations from their overseas builders. The aim was simple - achieve exceptionally consistent quality. 

new lamiglas fishing rods logoThe Lamiglas blank designs have been special due to a dedication to innovation - hiring Boeing engineers as well a host of talented designers, engineers & consultants over the years.

Now they've also stepped up the game this year in their entire finished salmon rod production lineup. 

XCC Kwik 

Formerly called the "Certified Pro Kwik" or the "Kenai Kwik" there are many names for them - the blank designs for these rods have already been unanimously proven on the West Coast in Ocean and River salmon fisheries.

xcc kwik salmon rod fishing

Now Lamiglas just went to town on producing the most innovative, improved version of these veteran rods. 

The new XCC Kwik's first impression is one of classy, modern beauty. Gone are the days of Lamiglas brown rods - these have adopted a stealthy dark gray/black and silver look that looks great with any reel. 

fuji guide lamiglas salmon rod xcc kwik

The woven graphite CFX Composite handle immediately draws the eye, as well as the Fuji double-lock reel seat and guides. With revised and improved guide layouts the fiberglass/graphite action of the blank works perfectly fighting fish and presenting lures. These updated classics again raise the bar on salmon rod development.

Not a rod you'll want to miss. If you can't afford one, at least go look at one!

View series on Lamiglas Website

xcc kwik fuji guides handles

 Redline Composite Trolling Rods

The reason the above-mentioned XCC Kwik has become so widely accepted is due to a smart but difficult process of using both fiberglass and graphite in the same blank.

Though many refer to their rods as "composite" they really mean a composite of types of graphite. That is fine - and is an excellent way to ensure strength in a rod blank - but combining fiberglass and graphite has even more durability and brings some of the smooth, continous bend of an old "glass rod."

redline composite trolling salmon rod

The new Redline Composite Trolling Rods fish beautifully and have top end components. If they were marketed differently Lamiglas could probably charge much more for them - but I'm glad they don't. They're still not cheap, but for that price price point I don't believe there's another like it on the market. 

If you're in doubt - just get the HS934HC - that rod will do anything salmon in a boat. 

View series on Lamiglas Website

lamiglas redline salmon rod guides fishing

X-11 Updates

So many X-11's have been sold and fished they're a standard of many salmon and steelheaders rod lockers. As the price point salmon rod from Lamiglas, the rods still bring that Lamiglas magic of smart technique-specific actions. 

x11 guide fishing

The updates that they've made are exactly the type of thing that makes me want to buy more rods. The X11 series now features Seaguide components. The guides have a nice look - and the combination of that with the new gloss graphite finish? It's a winner.




One of the most universal salmon rods is the LX86HC-GH. Check out the deal Great Lakes Angler is running on them.




Go to www.lamiglas.com to learn more!

Photos taken and article written by Lucas Holmgren 



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