3-Way Rolling Chain Swivels by P-Line

3-Way Rolling Chain Swivels by P-Line


P-line introduces a new 3 way rolling chain swivel to their dura-max series.

There is nothing more frustrating than line twists and tangles caused by trolling rotating baits, lures and flashers.

P-Line has designed a new swivel called the 3-Way Rolling Chain Swivel which specifically addresses the issue of line twist by incorporating a 3-barrel chain as the final connector on your swivel.

3-way rolling swivel p-line chain drop

“Traditional 3-way swivels have three connection points, one which goes to your main line, one which connects to a dropper weight and one which connects to your bait or lure. By incorporating the rolling chain into the 3-way swivel, we have
eliminated the need to add an additional swivel into your setup. This allows for a more efficient trolling setup with less knots” stated P-Line spokesman Don Newman.

“We’ve tested these swivels in a number of trolling situations in both fresh and salt water and they have performed exactly as we conceptualized, eliminating twists and the need for additional knots.”

The new swivels have a black anodized finish and have a quantity of 5 pieces per pack.

They are available in two sizes,

#3 which is rated to 88 lbs. 

#1 which is rated to 101 lbs

They range in price from $4.99-$6.99

3-Way Rolling Chain Swivels are currently available.


For more information visit: www.p-line.com

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