A True Salmon AND Steelhead Spinning Rod from Lamiglas

A True Salmon AND Steelhead Spinning Rod from Lamiglas

For the purposes of identifying the ever popular co-mingled fishery, the words salmon & steelhead are always mashed together. In the fishing rod world you'll find that you can fall heavily into the steelhead world (think lighter, longer) or go with powerful salmon trolling sticks (level-wind, heavy action...)

New X-11 Updates

The Lamiglas X-11 Series has been updated with new finish (gloss gray) and updated Guides!

The 9'0" X-11 Spinning Rod from Lamiglas jumps right into the salmon & steelhead combo niche and does so for good reason - it can handle them both. Ideal casting weights are about 3/8 - 1 oz in my opinion, although it is listed otherwise.

Model: LX90MHS (add -GH for Graphite Handle)

Length: 9'0" 2-Piece

Line: 10-20lb

The claim to fame here is "I know I want to fish for both salmon and steelhead but I don't want to buy 2 rods." Well, for anyone who wants to fish a spinning rod for both - this is it!

LX90MHS Fishing Techniques 

This rod can work for an incredible amount of techniques, but here are the primary ones:

Species:  Salmon (Chinook, Coho, Chum, Pink, Sockeye), Steelhead, Striped Bass 

Techniques: Float (Bobber) Fishing, Drift (Bottom-Bouncing), Casting Spinners & Spoons, Crankbaits (Plugs). Because it is a spinning rod, it's not considered a common boat rod style - however, it could be used for trolling weights of less than 2 oz.

For a gift, primary rod, or your next addition to the rod arsenal, this rod is a smart choice - not to mention an efficient fish catcher...

- Written by Lucas Holmgren


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