An optimally designed "Quick-Release" for 360 flashers!

An optimally designed "Quick-Release" for 360 flashers!

quick release 360 flasher

The 360 Flasher isn't going anywhere... least when it comes to popularity. Not to mention the other dynamite flashers used for trolling salmon and trout.

Salmon anglers trolling around with the 360 flashers and bait (or spinners, or cut plugs...) get bit because they get noticed. The 360 flashers used in trolling rigs (think the Pro Troll + Super Bait Rig) are incredible for throwing out flash, but they have loads of drag when fishing.

Issue with Flasher Fishing: You have so much load on your line that 
the fish can easily get slack and spit the hook.

Solution with Quick Release: When the quick release breaks free, you are fighting directly on the fish, not allowing it to get slack, which is especially huge when fishing barb-less hooks.

Good Day Fishing "Quick Release"

The Original Quick Release Only Quick Release on market with adjustable tension for how much pressure it takes to release, and have a patent pending.

Offered for 11" 360 flashers, 8" pro trolls, and Large Leo flashers.

     Having a setup that will 'release' the drag of the flasher when a fish is an actual percentage increase of landed fish - and these particular versions (Made by a company called 'Good Day Fishing' in the USA) do it efficiently.

    Quick Release by Good Day Fishing

    360 release flasherAngler Testimonial:

    "Great product!!! Large rotating flashers, braided lines and barbless 
    hooks don’t work together very well, now with the 'Quick Release' you 
    can fight the fish and not the flasher. Your landing ratio will go up!!" 

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