Baitwaxx by Pro-Cure Bait Scents - A Mess Free Bait STICK

Baitwaxx by Pro-Cure Bait Scents - A Mess Free Bait STICK

pro cure bait waxxBaitwaxx by Pro-Cure brings productive fishing scents in a mess-free, almost 'deodorant' like stick.

Pro-Cure has offered numerous types of bait consistencies, from oils to gels - and now the Baitwaxx comes, easy to store in a tackle box, coat pocket, boat gunnel...grab it and go. Think of your (Crankbaits) plugs, jig heads, plastics, bait, spinners...spoons...they could all use a wax of whatever scent is targeted toward your species of fish.

Pro-Cure Bait Scents the industry leader and manufacturer of the only real bait scent has expanded their line with 6 fish catching new Bait Waxx formulas.  Bloody Tuna, Herring, Sardine, Garlic, Inshore Saltwater and Mullet.  

This mess free, amino based UV enhanced bait scent is made of the same legendary formula just easier to apply and transport. Look for it at your local retailer near you.   

-no mess

-environmentally friendly

-super effective

-long lasting scent disbursement

-Made in the USA View the Pro-Cure Page

pro cure bait scents

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i would like to buy some roll on scent for fishing


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