Herring Cutbait - Freedom Tackle Trolling Lure

Herring Cutbait - Freedom Tackle Trolling Lure

Innovation in the Trolling Game

A hard-bodied trolling lure that presents well behind a flasher, downrigger, diver or even trolled straight. The action flashes the UV colors in an attractive way, to bring in curious salmon and get them to bite. 

Baits like herring and sardine are proven killers, which is why this artificial imitation works. Beyond that - you don't have to worry about re-baiting every pass or two. These will keep catching year after year.

freedom tackle fishing lure herring cutbait

Wire-through construction and hard body is durable and extremely well constructed. Many gorgeous colors to match your conditions - our personal favorite is the sardine finish.

freedom tackle herring cutbait

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