Kokanee & Trout Trolling Flashers | 'Sebago' Trolling Rig

Kokanee & Trout Trolling Flashers | 'Sebago' Trolling Rig

From Long-time Fishing Manufacturer Al’s Goldfish Lure Company

sebago trolling rig

Sebago Trolling Rig

The Al’s Goldfish Sebago Trolling Rig attracts gamefish to your trailing lure or natural bait with several features not seen in other rigs on the market. 

The largest, uniquely shaped Sebago A blade has the clevis on the round end of the blade, and creates a great amount of vibration and motion to get the attention of distant fish. 

trolling rigs

The rig is constructed with stainless steel wires and faceted glass beads, and the blades are stamped brass which are plated in 22k Gold or bright Nickel for maximum flash.

Each section of the rig is detachable, allowing you to use them separately, or to create different combinations for trolling at various depths. 

A rudder is not required. Choose from two lengths – 11” or 25”.

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Which is best kind of scents for kokanee trolling fishing? Thanks

Lavern Buckley

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