New Mad River Soft Beads

New Mad River Soft Beads

Mad River Manufacturing Soft Beads

The Soft Bead craze has taken off more and more as of late, and Mad River has reacted with their newly updated soft beads. 
Mad River Mfg. has redesigned their Soft Beads! Now with a different line of colors and a firmer more durable soft plastic.
Available in 12mm (32 per bag) and 14mm (21 per bag).
Coho Roe | Pink Haze | Pink Pearl | Cerise | Orange Pearl | Red Haze
mad river beads
Ask for them at your local tackle shop or buy them online. For rigging techniques visit the “How To/Videos” page on the website.
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I own i-Bonk Guide Service and I prefer the Horker Monster Chomps soft beads. They are a smaller manufacturer here in the Northwest and their beads are the bomb. I’ve put allot of steelhead in the boat for my clients because of Horker’s soft beads. If you don’t believe my try them for yourself.

Phillip Besch

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