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New Rooster Tail Finishes


Worden’s Original Rooster Tail, an exceedingly popular multi-species spinner, is now offered in six new colors, making it even more appealing for trout, bass and other game fish anglers target.
rooster tail
In addition to the Rooster Tail being available in 10 sizes and over 100 finishes, what makes this spinner so popular, productive and perform under such a wide range of situations is the fact that its medium wide blade shape will perform when pulled either fast or slow, meaning anglers can quickly cover an area when searching for concentrations of fish but then slow down their retrieve speed to more thoroughly target fish once located.
The new colors include Cheese Fly, Clown Tiger, Gold Flame Tiger, June Bug, Pink Trout Tiger and Yellow Jacket. Each is accompanied by a matching hackle tail that pulsates as the lure works through the water.
The new colors are available in four Rooster Tail sizes; 1/16th ounce, 1/8th ounce, 1/6th ounce and 1/4 ounce.
For more information on the new Rooster Tail colors contact Yakima Bait Company at ybcinc@yakimabait.com, or go to www.yakimabait.com.

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