P88-MK COOLER: This sturdy, intuitive rotomolded fishing cooler is built like a tank and stores and preserves just about anything. With 3 built-in compartments that are designed to provide expert insulation and an air-tight seal, you’ll never have to worry about your fresh catch getting and cold beverages getting warm and your warm and dry food turning cold or wet. It also features a removable cutting board and a fold-out table that allows you to quickly, clean, filet, and store your freshly caught fish. The divided storage space and the fold-out table also make this cooler great for storing cold drinks and serving meals when you’re on a picnic or camping trip, too. 


ROAM 18-V Vacuum Sealer:  This revolutionary battery-operated vacuum sealer needs no wires to power on, allowing you to perfectly seal and preserve the fresh flavor, taste, and texture of your freshly filleted fish right then and there at the source for long term storage of that perfect taste until you cook it. Designed to fit snugly into the integrated compartment in our P88-MK Cooler and our ByWay backpack, this compact vacuum sealer changes the way you store your catch forever. Now you can indulge in that straight-out-of-water taste for months without loss of freshness or those dreaded freezer burns.

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