If you ever watch a professional at work you’ll see that he or she usually has all the usual tools organized and close at hand. That goes for heart surgeons to electricians. The doctor probably has the scalpels, clamps and other tools arranged on a tray next to the operating table, the electrician often has a tool belt holding the screwdrivers, wire pliers and the needed tools for the job at hand. 

It’s equally important for anglers to have the tools they will or might need close at hand and considering the excitement and uncertainty of fishing on your favorite river or lake, it’s also important to not have pliers, lures, line snippers and other tools cluttering the working area. “Scotty” as in Scotty Downriggers understands this and has added a variety of products to their line of ‘riggers and rod holders to help with the clutter. Newest of these is the 452 Gear Caddy.



It’s an organizer that attaches solidly into tracks or Scotty rod holder mounts, or it can be fastened in a convenient location with mounting screws. It can be a permanent fixture or can be repositioned depending on the style of fishing happening. 

It has three recessed cavities, one is obviously a cup or beverage container holder, the other two are rectangular to hold any number of necessities, from bug spray to scent products. Add to this is multiple slots to hold knives, cell phones, pliers, screwdrivers and other tools, or use the slots as lure hangers to keep the lures probably going to be needed or the ones just pulled at bay to allow them to dry or at least stay in one place before they are stowed away in the tackle box. A part of the caddy is magnetized, a great place to temporarily set hooks or swivels and keep them from disappearing onto the floor or elsewhere until they are needed. If you want to fish like a pro, be organized like a pro. Pick up a 452 Gear Caddy at retailers handling Scotty Downrigger products, at or at a variety or other online outlets.

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