"The Steelhead Pack" Lead-Free Fishing Weights

"The Steelhead Pack" Lead-Free Fishing Weights

Dave's Tangle Free weights re-thought the idea of fishing weights by going to steel instead of lead, and with a unique design of swivel on top and a rubberized coating. 

daves tangle free weights

One might think these are "Cannonball" weight by looking at them, but in reality, they are completely different. A cannonball has a "stuck" eye driven directly in, which provides no movement, and does not have the advantage of a swivel placed higher above the weight. 

These weights instead provide leverage from the swivel, that allows the angler more opportunity to pull out of snags, and that is if you even get snagged.

Steel as a material is dense and gets down quick, but doesn't tend to "stick" to the bottom and find cracks on the bottom to get hung up in. It's got more "energy" like a pinball in a pinball machine.

Steel "hunts" along the bottom and keeps bait consistently moving through the strike zone. 

It may seem "gimmicky" and at first many anglers thought it was, but after fishing them and hanging up less, retying less, and spending more time in the water - the weights caught on like crazy.

The "Steelhead Pack" is a tackle box, with 15 weights and 4 Snap Swivels. Instead of an inline weight system, you can easily go with the "upside-down" snap-swivel rig, and get less tangles when casting and fishing (as long as you rig the snap on the mainline side - see below.)

 quick snap swivel bobber fishing rig float steelhead salmon trout

This rig works perfect as an "in-line" weight, or for drift-fishing (bottom-bouncing, side-drifting) for in-line spinners and other methods. There are more rig tips on the Dave's Tangle free website.

19-piece pack includes (5) 1/4 oz, (5) 1/3 oz and (5) 1/2 oz steel weights,  plus (4) Rosco Snap Swivels. It also includes two "Dave's Rig Tips" on the inside cover of the sturdy case that will come in handy for years to come. 

steelhead pack fishing weights

High-performance. Lead-free. Made in the USA. 


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