Wicked Lures - Fishing Weightless Spinners for Salmon & Steelhead

Wicked Lures - Fishing Weightless Spinners for Salmon & Steelhead

Spinners can be all shapes and sizes - walk down any aisle of a fishing department and you're sure to see a big selection of blades, bodies, styles and brands. Wicked Lures steps out of the box a bit to offer a different presentation and a deadly profile. 

Nick Amato, the editor of Salmon Trout Steelheader, got out with James Beasley (owner and designer of Wicked Lures) to do some testing and filming. The result was a bunch of quality steelhead caught, and some excellent footage to go with it.

In the video below, James Beasley breaks down the technique of casting these spinners for salmon and steelhead. Listen carefully and you'll pick up on a style of spinner fishing that can absolutely rock!

Looking to try out Wicked Lures? Check out the website or take a look at the package deal we've got below.


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When casting a spinner wickeds is all I use period! The most amazing spinner on the market today! Try fishing a wicked backtrolling with a Brad’s diver to the new wicked backtrolling floats to keep wicked in the strike zone! Revolutionary way to fish spinners! It’s just incredible backtrolling a spinner is money! Stupid fun!

Rick Graser ( retired guide)

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