Shore Lunch Pleasures by Tiffany Haugen

Shore Lunch Pleasures by Tiffany Haugen

Shore lunch. 

Just saying the words makes the mouth water and the stomach rumble.  All senses immediately become filled with fond memories of breathtaking rivers, calm lakes, endless stretches of ocean beaches, lush green foliage, clear blue waters and some of the best tasting food, ever.

shore lunch salmon fishing

Face it, there is no easier or more enjoyable way to eat lunch after a good day of fishing, crabbing or clamming than taking time to prepare a fresh meal near the site of the catch.  Food gathered straight from the water needs little seasoning.  The freshness shines through and a little salt, pepper and maybe a slice of lemon is all that’s needed.

In addition to delectable eating, preparing for a shore lunch is easy.  Possibilities only depend on how much room you have and where you are fishing or traveling.  Bring along a small gas grill or a BBQ with briquettes, a grill rack or a plank and you’re set.  Toting a Dutch oven is another option. 

Then again, why not create your own setup like they do in Brazil?

In Fiji we’ve enjoyed fish wrapped in banana leaves and cooked underground.  In Indonesia and Thailand, fish skewered on a stick and roasted over an open flame was delicious. 

fish oranges shore lunch

In Africa, cooking fish on hot rocks along the edge of a campfire tastes great.  It’s intriguing to see how small the world really is when it comes to cooking fish, outdoors.  No matter the geography or the culture, fish is fish, and prepared on the shore is some of the best you’ll ever sink your teeth into.

This summer, whether hitting the river, lake or ocean, throw in a few cooking implements, some salt, pepper and maybe a basic rub.  Then get ready to have fun and live off the land, instantly!

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