7 Tips to Rowing A Driftboat (Video)

7 Tips to Rowing A Driftboat (Video)

Rowing a Driftboat is very rewarding and enjoyable, but for people who are just getting the hang of rowing, there are some particular things to pay attention to.

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These are based around rowing techniques, anchoring safety and choosing water that isn't too dangerous.

Certainly, as rapid class increases, you will want to use caution as to what sections of rivers you want to float. This particular video shows an intermediate river float in Oregon, but a beginner could even start in a lake or very slow section of river.

Dan Fisher of Dan Fisher's Guide Service & Clackacraft Driftboats rows the boat and does the voiceover, fishing with Nick Amato. Filmed by Nick Amato and Lucas Holmgren - edited by Lucas Holmgren.

Thanks to Sawyer & Clackacraft for supporting this project.

The Sawyer Smoker Bandit Oars were used in this video.

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James Arden

When anchoring, play out some line (depending on the depth of the river). If power boats come by and create waves, your anchor that you short-lined will get pulled off the bottom, and your boat will disappear!

Bob Budesa

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